Friday, July 19, 2013


Camas Commons 4 brm0001

In our neighborhood all the units have a waiting list.  A while ago I put us on the list for a 4 bedroom hoping that we wouldn’t still be here when our name came up.  But it didn’t hurt to add ourselves, ya know, just in case.  Well… our name came up and we’re still here!  It’s actually quite good timing, having had a 4th baby and all.  There are only 4 4-bdrm units in the neighborhood and at the time I’d added our name I was told that, although I was next in line, the 4 families then occupying the units were long-termers, but one is finally moving on. 

Interesting thing about this one opening up.  The family living in it  the last several years, the V’s, well they moved into it from the 3 bedroom we’re in now.  So for the 2nd time we’re moving into their house after them.  Hahaha.  Sister V is our primary president so we know them well.  When I told Brian about getting the V’s house, he said, “Do we always have to live in the V’s houses?  Where are they moving to anyway – shouldn’t we get a say in the matter at this point?”  Lol.  They’re moving to Eugene, so I guess we should expect to move there in about 5 years. Winking smile


Anyway, I’m super excited.  It isn’t really a lot bigger, but has it's perks.  Besides gaining a bedroom, which is great, I think I’m even more excited about all the additional storage. What we’re gaining that this apartment doesn’t have involves: the outside storage closet is twice as big, pantry cupboards in the kitchen, a linen closet (living room), twice as big a closet under the stairs, an entry space with a bench, storage in the upstairs bathroom, a built-in desk (upstairs hallway) and a 2nd bathtub. 

This unit is situated in the best spot in the neighborhood – it has the largest area behind it and because it sort of dead-ends the neighborhood kids don’t go back there.  (Currently we live along a stretch with a ditch paralleling it that the kids of the neighborhood find particularly exciting.  We’re always having to get them out the trees they’re not supposed to be climbing or shooing them off our back porch. No boundaries in this neighborhood.)  Where we live now the house behind ours (from the next door, unrelated neighborhood) always leaves their back porch light on.  Drives Brian C-R-A-Z-Y.  He fantasizes about taking out that light with a rock or BB gun. It leaves him unable to use his telescope and shines directly at our bedroom window.  In this 4 bedroom our “yard” backs up to a little wetland/fenced off area so there’s some distance between us and any back neighbors.  This is what got Brian on board with moving.  He hates to move but he’d do anything to be rid of that porch light behind us. Smile


Our move in date is August 16th. Now to locate some boxes…

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Devon Parmenter said...

I got a ton of boxes from the liqueur store on Circle Blvd. Felt a little strange going in there, but so worth it in the end.