Sunday, November 23, 2008

Are We Going to Say of Asher that He Learned to Run Before He Learned to Walk?

Asher's walking is coming right along. This little movie includes some footage from last Sunday, although we weren't able to capture any of his best, and some footage from tonight. My favorite part is the last few seconds. Unlike Brennan who learned to walk by taking his time and perfecting his balance between steps (over the whopping 3 days it took him to learn to walk), Asher is learning by charging ahead, using speed to try to keep from falling. I love it!

Asher is 10 months, 4 days old today.

So, as a basis of comparison, I revisited Brennan's first walking video. These shots are from the third day after his first steps: He was 9 months, 9 days old in this video.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Bubble Fun

Also, Asher is starting to take single steps... most of the time I think they're instincts as attempt to keep from falling, but whatever works.

Actually, last night Brian and I were trying to get some good video of Asher trying to walk. He was going back an forth between us, and when he'd reach us, he'd let out big, squaky, yells, which we think were supposed to immitate the praise we were giving him. He was doing 1-2 steps in a stretch before falling, but not as good once we brought the camera out. Anyway, he was quite enjoying the experience non the less.

Winter Camping

It all started after Halloween when Brian brought a camping light into the house after its use for trunk-or-treating. Brennan immediately took it to play camping. He was using upside-down laundry baskets for something and having a pretty good time. Then... I remembered that he has a tent thing which I almost never get out because it's kinda big for a small apartment.

I got the tent out for him, which he LOVED! Where I first set it up, there happened to be a few chair cushions sitting near me with nothing to do. They became his bed. A small chair of his became his "camping chair." We've relocated the tent to his bedroom, and all of a sudden, naptimes have never been so embraced!

The other day he actually fell asleep in it, which was not to be the last time, apparently.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ready for Take-Off...

... (Yes, I'm referring to his hair)

This is Asher's most common "do". It starts off really curly just after his bath, but as soon as the hooded towel touches it, or he lays down, it all flattens except for those funky curls above his ears.

I was shooting some pictures of Asher's hair while he was eating dinner, and talked Brennan into posing for one too. I sure love my boys.

"Mmmmm, these pears are finger-lickin' goooood!"

Monday, November 3, 2008

Young MacBrian Had a Farm, EIEIO

This year Halloween fell on a non-work night for Brian, so of course I encouraged him to get in on the festivities. Although every year I start thinking about Halloween two months before and want very badly to have everything together ahead of time, I still, every year, end up rushing to have everything together on Halloween day.

Brennan had expressed interest in being Spider-Man, so I didn't give his costume much thought. As the holiday approached however and I was deciding on Asher's costume, it opened up Brennan's eyes to the idea of being anything else he wanted. In the end Asher was a chicken (thank you Angie for letting him borrow the costume), Brennan a cow, myself a pig, and Brian was the farmer. I was pretty excited about having a family theme... and very excited that I actually talked my husband into dressing up!

When Brennan said that he wanted to be a cow, I was pumped because I had at my parents house a cow hood which I'd received in high school. I then spent all week, and literally hours looking for an easy way to make the rest of his costume. (Also looking for the pieces of the rest of our costumes). The day before halloween I ended up buying a pattern and fabric and spent that night, and all halloween day making it for him. We had a potluck at 5:00, but showed up a half hour late because I was still trying to finish up. I didn't get it 100% done, (hundreds of strings hanging out all over the place, didn't get the elastic at the bottom in), but I'm pretty proud of myself, and I thought he looked awesome.

We went to our ward's trunk-or-treat activity. This is the first year Brennan "got it" and really enjoyed himself. My parents were there and Brennan frequented their trunk quite a bit. I'm thinking about half his candy is from my Mom... thanks a lot!

The night shots didn't turn out too great, but here's the general idea. Brennan's "moo"ing, and lest you think Brian and I have failed miserably on our diets, I must mention that we're both stuffed. (In Brian's case because the overall's I found at Goodwill for him are about 3X as wide as he is ;-)

Happy Halloween!