Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Michael and Tracey (who's apparently pregnant) walking out of the house.

Ed wearing an OSU baseball helmet (Go Beavs, back to back world series champs) after dancing to the OSU fight chant.

Ed & Tanya posing for their camera crew.

Last week the Extreme Makeover Home Edition show came to Corvallis. As they built the house for the deserving Byer family, us spectators were allowed to watch from the side-lines. My sister Devon and I tried to sign-up to volunteer several times, but alas the list fills up too fast. Anyway, I watched on Thursday and saw nothing but the local volunteers pushing dirt around out front.

On friday I went back to watch... but this time I took Brennan. Dhun dhun dhun! See, Brennan is obsessed with buses. The whole way over to the shuttle (school bus) he repeated "ride the bus, ride the bus..." Once arriving he charged up the stairs and half way down the aisle excitedly, until suddenly stopping, turning, and tearfully exclaiming "all done! Off bus!" He calmed down enough that we rode it anyway, but he whimpered the whole time reminding me he was "all done." Come time to ride it back to the parking lot, almost the same scene except without the initial excited part.

The good part was that I got to watch 3 takes of recording the "I got the keys!" moment. Ty wasn't there either day I watched, but at least on friday I saw the designers from afar, and watched them move in the first loads of furniture. Very exciting. Brennan was very good and stood right under me, or made me hold him, while I took pictures and such.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Last week to escape the heat one day we took a rather big family trip to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and the beach. Brian, Brennan and I went, as well as both my parents, (my dad coincidentally ended up with the afternoon off from work) and 3 of Brennan's cousins who are visiting G'ma & G'pa Templeman for a few weeks. We had a lot of fun. Brennan especially liked the seals and going through the fish & shark tunnels. Walking over the windows didn't make him as uncomfortable as it makes most adults. The beach was really fun too. Brian and my Dad flew their fancy kites, and even cousin Hannah took a turn and did a great job. Brennan got nice and messy as you'll see, but he had an absolute BLAST rolling around in the sand with Hannah and Brynne.

For FHE recently we went on a walk to a nearby park. Brennan is a quick walker (actually, runner) so walks can be a good source of exercise in the end. Brennan's also good about holding hands.

Had to put in this one of Brennan w/ his aunt Devon. He loves helping people on the computer (which he's doing right now, pointing out Devon on the screen) and loves is aunt Devon!

Dada and Brennan. Aren't they cute?!?

It's been almost a year, but Brennan still loves to wear his halloween costume around.