Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I'll Be Back

Hey ya'll.  Hello?  Anybody there?  Probably not.  I'm sure no one has noticed, but yes, I have been rather quiet for a bit.  At least it feels that way because I have all sorts of things I want to post about, but haven't gotten around to.  The biggest reason is because we've had computer drama.  I don't have a working computer at the moment, in fact I've just shanghaied Brian's 'cause he's not up yet. :0

So my detailed and pictured posts will have to wait for another day.  But just so I don't forget, here's a couple topics I don't want to forget

Hollyn's words
Brian's b-day
Brennan's crush
Asher's explanations (scientists, how people are made (of soup ;-), etc)
Room redo
School starting and affects on life

Hmmm, maybe that's it.