Friday, January 29, 2010

From the Mouth of Babes

Conversation with Brennan and his friend Wyatt regarding whether or not they knew any of the Articles of Faith. They said they didn't, but I started to quiz them with the first one in case it would jog their memory.

Me: "We believe in God the eternal...?
Brennan: "Families?"
Me: "No, Father.... and in His Son...?
Brennan and Wyatt: blank stares
Me: "Jesus Christ, and in the Holy...?
Brennan: "COW!"

Uh, not exactly. We'll have to cover idol worship at our next Family Home Evening I guess ;-)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Asher's Birthday Party

Asher had a very nice birthday, it seemed to me at least. All day long Brennan and I would sing him the birthday song, and/or wish him "Happy Birthday Asher!" and he seemed to enjoy that quite a bit.

O.k., don't judge me by my cake decorating (dis)abilities because I certainly don't come by any naturally. So, I'm very proud of this cake because for me, it's spectacular! It was actually really, really easy, except for the engine part which was more complicated to frost, but I definitely recommend it for a craftiness-challenged person like myself.

Although pretty much everyone had somewhere to go that evening, we were fortunate that my in-town family all made it to the quick, squeezed-in-at-dinner-time celebration. The guests included my Mom and Dad, sister Devon, sister Shannon and her husband Bryan, besides "my Brian", Brennan and myself.

Since we unfortunately don't live near enough for you to have attended, I wanted to post for you the video of Asher opening your gift. Now, don't let his seeming lack of enthusiasm fool you... Asher (and Brennan too, for that matter) LOVES LOVES LOVES these books. We read them EVERY nap time, and EVERY bedtime. This evening I realized that Asher was repeating "where's my binkit?" as I read. At the end of each reading he'll say, "The end," which is pretty new. Thank you for the thoughtful gifts.

****Grandma Myrna, Grandma Honey, Mom****
I'm still working on getting Christmas Thankyou cards out, and now Asher's birthday ones as well, but Asher loves everything that he received. He was so cute to watch opening his cards and "reading" them. Thank you so much!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We Have A Two Year Old Again. Ahhhhhh

Luckily, Asher is usually a delightful child.

I can’t believe you’re 2 years old already, Asher. I keep telling you to stop growing, that I signed up for a baby but you’ve too quickly become a toddler. I thank our Heavenly Father for you every single day. It isn’t just those big blue eyes, and gorgeous curly blonde hair, or your wide smile. I love, love, love the way you still babble Asherese with all the intonations to imply you’re telling us something specific only you can understand. I love the way you run around with Brennan and laugh at all his antics. I love the way you carry your “blankie” around and won’t go to or out of bed without it. I love the way you sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” to yourself when you play with toys. You are so stinkin’ cute, inside and out.

You’re definitely two though. You have VERY strong opinions about some things. You want THAT milk, not THIS one. You will only the cereal you’ve decided on that day. You insist you must play in the car before and after going somewhere. You don’t love shopping or car trips longer than about 1/2 an hour. One of your first words was “I-want-that” (“Ah Wah Wah” yelled with assertion) and the other day you gave your first sentence: “I want that, BRENNAN!!!”

Still, when someone is sad, you approach them and ask, “ah-ou-ah K?” (“Are you ok?”) When I tell you to say Sorry to Brennan you give him a hug and kiss. And when you say “I love you” and/or give me a snuggle, my heart just melts. I love you Asher-Baby. Happy Birthday!

IMG_2257 (Brennan Photography)IMG_2263 (Brennan Photography)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mileposts and Milestones

running-shoes-male-weightloss-program Yay! Brian and I have started jogging together. Our plan includes 3 days a week of jogging (or elliptical on rainy days), and walks on Sundays. Now, let me emphasize what a HUGE deal this is. Brian and I each really hate jogging. Of all forms of exercise, it’s probably a least favorite. And, when it comes to exercise in general we’re not very motivated (read=lazy). Oh sure, we keep trying. We start contests and incentive plans, but they don’t usually last very long. We both hope we keep this up though.

Another reason this is amazing for us is because we’re taking both kids along, which is a demotivator itself. We don’t own a jogging stroller, so we just use the regular sit-n-stand double stroller. Brennan sits on the bench behind Asher. Today, he hopped off several times to jog with us. It was so cute!

51QW9tbq2uL._AA400_Besides the fact that bringing them adds extra weight and bulk, the biggest problem is that Brennan doesn’t stop asking questions. It’s hard to answer questions like “what’s a slug? What do they do? Where are their mouths? What’s that yellow line? Why are the plants green?” etc. while you’re huffing and puffing. When we’re not trying to sputter out answers, we’re laughing about our sweet inquisitive boy.

So, we’ve made it out the last two mornings now. Today was harder, since yesterday was the first day either or us had jogged in a very, very long time. Even still, we can’t get over how good we feel the rest of the day. Brian has commented about how much more awake he feels. I suspect we’re staying on adrenaline highs all day simply from the pride of doing this dreaded chore at all, but hopefully the effects will stay noticeable enough to keep us going. Honestly, I think doing this activity together is going to be the key to our success. I enjoy the companionship aspect over watching a show while on a machine, plus there’s that added level of accountability when we do it together. I’m very excited for us!!!