Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NOT about our Arizona Trip. (Whew!)

We love us some free cones at Dairy Queen! I must have put it in my calendar last year, because it was sitting there on March 14. Quick Goggle search later, I got the 2017 date. Definitely going to have a yearly reminder to look it up.

Last Sunday was sunny so we hopped on our bikes again and made a pit-stop at the park. Hollyn was into the climbing wall a bit and approached me with pride for having climbed kind of high, on the straighter side. She said, "But I didn't go to the top, I can't do that." In my mind I was thinking about her small size and the tricky curve of the wall and ALMOST said, "Yeah, that's probably too hard for you." or something validating like that. Instead, what came out of my mouth was, "Really? Why not?" She thought for a second. I saw the little light-bulb above her head light up. She ran back to the wall and seconds later, was conquering the top!

The kids built "Grand Central Fort" in the living room I got the tour inside were they each had roomy bedrooms. Every year coincidentally just before St. Patrick's Day I clean out under the couch cushions. The rest of the year I pretend there isn't a problem there, and the cushions must stay in place to hide it. ;-) But when those leprechauns come through and move the cushions, it ignites fort ideas with the kids. So basically, I had nowhere to set for several days after the holiday.

Arizona Trip Coming Home

This one gets sleepy on the plane.

Kieran is not my favorite airplane buddy. He wasn't bad really, no tantrums or anything, but he does not stop wiggling, unbuckling, talking (too loudly), or listen to me. Same problem at church and anywhere we go, really. There are no rewards or threats that will get this kid just sit still and/or stop making noise and/or do as he's asked. Sigh.

Before heading home we stopped at Ikea which made for a nice place to eat lunch, it turns out. Did you know Ikea does kids meals BOGO free on Tuesdays? Talk about an unexpected but welcome surprise. :-)

I learned something about Asher there. He loves lettuce. Not salad with dressing, just regular old lettuce. As in, he ASKED Hollyn for the lettuce came on her plate with her meal. Weirdo.

Arizona Trip Day 5

 Lego Land, say what?!?!

Move the Lego soccer player and score a goal!

I'm a sucker for the rugged manual-labor types

Play structure

Brennan's creation = Batman

 Even Kieran got his focus on and designed his own Lego creation in the Master Builder's Workshop

I wish I could remember now what he told me is was!

One ride was working!

You could spend a good chunk of time just looking at the giant, detailed city

We got in to Lego Land during the least expensive Toddler Time, and at that price I'd say it was worth it. It's a LOT of fun, but not full price fun I'd say. Also it's recommended for ages up to 10 but anyone who still enjoys Legos will enjoy Lego Land.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Arizona Trip Day 4

This about sums it up for Kieran.

Actually, by the time we got back to the Beckstead's house on Thursday evening, I was beginning to feel dizzy, sore throated, and feverish. Friday (and basically the rest of the trip) I was fighting horrible sinus, cold, and fever issues. Talk about a bummer.

The cousins had a blast creating a Lego "Civilization-type" game on the pool table. From what I understand, they built their own bases and attacked each other and there were rules and procedures as all games have. Totally kept these wild monkeys from driving us grownups too crazy. ;-)

Arizona Trip Day 3 -b

Our ride home to Mesa took us via Sedona and it was worth any additional minutes! Man, those views cannot be beat! While I drove, Brennan snapped picture after picture on my phone.

As we pulled into Sedona itself I breaked and parked right away. This little tourist town just begged to be checked out.