Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Guess We're Not Eating Enough Apples...

... because our family has had 8 Dr. visits in the last 9 days, and one more coming in less than a week! Just the last 3 days alone yielded 4 visits! Boy, when it rains, it POURS monsoons around here. These include two phone call visits, an x-ray, a specialist, and stitches among other things. Even the Dr.'s office is joking with me that we live there now.

Brennan's visits have been regarding his ears. Since his ruptured eardrum last May, he's had some follow-up visits to check on the healing. It was observed that some sort of flaps that are supposed to move up and down aren't doing that in him, so he was referred to an ear, nose, and throat specialist. Brennan's visit there was on Monday, and we learned that he hears around the 40 decibel range (average is 20-25). The Dr. compared that to having your fingers in your ears of how well Brennan can hear. (You have no idea how much this explains over the last 5 years.) The reason is fluid in his ears, so he will receive surgery to have tubes put in. While he's there, he'll have another, related, surgery on his adenoid. Brennan has always been a mouth breather, and apparently he has an enlarged adenoid (tissue behind the nose.) It's supposed to be related to getting the fluid in his ears. Anyway, Brennan is super excited, thanks to my careful explaining. He's happy to tell everybody that "the Dr. will give me special medicine that will make me go to sleep, and when I wake up my ears will be all fixed!" Although I'm nervous about the surgery and healing, Brian and I are SO excited that Brennan will be able to actually hear us without us having to yell or repeat ourselves a million times. The added perk will be his breathing as well, which we hope will take care of the "wake snoring" when he watches movies ;-)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Stevenson Family First

A momentous occasion. After a busy day, the boys and I were playing at a friends house when Asher had an accident that caused him to reopen the gash in his forehead from 4th of July. Once again, the blood was gushing down his face like Niagara falls! Since the friends live just about around the corner from our Dr.'s office, I just went straight there. I think the gash was a little wider apart this time, as gluing was not really an option. So, the family first is STITCHES! Somehow Brennan has survived his first 5 years without even getting close to needing any. Asher couldn't even make it to 3! Interestingly, In-between these injuries on the same spot, he cut a second location on his forehead - not bad enough to need any treatment, but that makes 3 cuts in his head in a month's time! If this kid isn't the death of himself, he's going to be the death of me!!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fountain Play

Courtesy of Corvallis Parks & Recreation

I didn't end up bringing the camera, but I FINALLY took the kids to the fountains yesterday. I was surprised to realize that it was August already, and I hadn't worn my swimsuit even once since last summer. I've been trying really hard to pack-in all sorts of activities this summer before Brennan starts school and the weather turns rainy(er). Still, now it's August and we haven't been to the pool, played in the fountains, and only once played in a kid-pool at Mom and Dads. Haven't pulled out the sprinkler either. Not for lack of nice days, just keeping busy - with what, I have no idea! - but apparently too busy for activities that I thought we'd do often.

Anyway, the boys had a GREAT time! These fountains are situated downtown on the riverfront park. It's just an area about 12'x12' where the water shoots up from the ground in varying heights. The best part? Free!!!! You have to pay to park downtown, but we stayed for an hour and a half and spent a total of 75 cents. Not bad at all.