Sunday, June 26, 2011

2 months and 10 years

I'll try to upload some pictures and add them later... camera issues with both cameras right now so I haven't been in the mood to deal with them lately. Anyway...

Hollyn sure is getting big. A home weighing the other day put her at 10 lbs with clothes on. She has gotten really smiley and the last few weeks has added lots of cooing. Sounds like "ooooo" usually. Oh my goodness, it just melts your heart when she smiles and talks to you. I love those moments. They make EVERYTHING you do or might go through as a parent totally worth it!


Last weekend was my H.S. 10 year reunion. It was pretty fun. There were various official and unofficial activities including golf and drinks/karaoke at a bar which I didn't attend, but I had a very nice time at the family potluck and official dinner event on Saturday. Brian was a dear to come to both despite not knowing anyone, but he did get to know my bestest H.S. friends better. It was so great to see Amanda (& hubby), Tashina, and Sarah again!

During the questionaire part, such as "who came the farthest to get here" and so forth, I won having the most kids. And it wasn't even a tie. I was literally the only one there with 3 kids. That would not have been the case in Idaho, I guarantee it! And I was only beat out for "married longest" by one couple by a few months. So close! ;-) This was my prize for having the most children though:

Photo courtesy of RX ProHub