Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday and Home

These have all been in reverse order of course. Darn blogger. Anyway...

Man, I loved Denver. Like, a lot. I totally want to move to that general area. As much I found Denver topping Portland/Oregon in most categories, I do have to say, from an airplane view, Portland is pretty stellar! Granted my experience is quite limited, but it tops the views for anywhere else I've ever flown.

 Both trips I ended up with a window seat, which I pretty pleased about. I'm like a 5 year old when I fly. Face pressed up against the window in awe of it all. I love to see the earth from up high. I love to wonder about the interesting landscape below.

These trees where growing in rings-within-rings, and no evidence of human interaction. Curious...

Spotted crop fields. Or... crop circles?

You can barely make out the image on the wing of "Charlie the cougar". Frontier airlines names and decorates each of their planes with a different animal. :-). This was just leaving Denver.

 Thankfully my seat-neighbor, upon arriving at Denver, offered to help me navigate the airport and rail system within it. For my departure flight, I knew what to expect and did just fine.

 My last meal with the Parmenters. We ate at Firehouse Subs - a restaurant started by firefighters. So yummy! But James wouldn't cooperate for a picture with his aunt Heather.

 Pre-lunch, Devon and James showed me the Museum of Nature and History. I love museums and this one did not disappoint.

 The museum sports a fantastic view from the side. You can't see it in these pictures, Devon got a good one she posted on Facebook.

You can't tell, but I'm making a shivering pose.

Is he as big as a dinosaur? Um, not quite.

You guys, this right here is the oldest poop you'll likely ever see. (So I'm told). You're welcome.

I gotta look up the artist's name, but he works with gems and rocks as his medium, carving Russian folk art. He's from the 1940s +. It was pretty cool.

Anyway, had a super time. So glad I could spend time with the Parmenters - fancy breakfasts a la Ben, board/card games, hanging out - and I'm so glad I could visit a new part of the country I've never seen. Not to make anyone jealous or anything, but I have just set a new personal record. This is the new farthest east I've ever been. ;-P

Sunday, May 29, 2016


 I attended Devon and Ben's ward this morning and enjoyed a nice sacrament and classes.

After church we headed out for a hike at Waterton; supposedly takes you out to a canyon, but we didn't make it that far. It was a lovely walk along the river though with fantastic scenery. :-)

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday in Denver:
Dev and I rode the train into downtown Denver. The station, Union Station, is a gorgeous building with a great lobby that involves shops and couches. Apparently Ben's been there once when a wedding reception was being held inside.

We wandered around the main drag, 16th st, which is fun. An event for this afternoon was being prepared for - a 5 stage rock concert thing with vendors and booths. "A Great Big World" is one of the performing bands.

We also stumbled across an art show. We checked out a few booths, and turns out they kept going, down an alley and into a courtyard area. So much fun to see the creativity and work of others.

A yummy lunch at a local burger & ice cream place, and window shopped some more. Shhh, don't tell the kids, but I picked up some souvenirs for them at Denver's "mini Porter's" ("The tattered book")

By then we were set for the ride home. (Plus a stop at BB&B... because cheese graters. ;-) )

Now, I'm hanging with James so Devon can cheer on her man representin' the air force at a burrito-eating contest. He's going up against previous world champs, record holders, and a professional lacrosse player. Yeah, he doesn't stand a chance, lol.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

This evening as I sat working on a primary lesson for tomorrow I heard a knock at the door - the neighbor's door. Followed about 2 seconds later by my own doorbell ringing. I immediately suspected we were both receiving an anonymous gift and sure enough, we walked out onto our porches to find lovely bouquets of flowers with "Happy Mother's Day" notes.

See, my neighbor is also a single Mom and fellow ward member. We're the only two (active anyway) single Moms that I can think of in our ward - purely coincidence that our houses adjoin. ;-)

I don't know who left the flowers, nor do I know who left a VERY generous movie gift-cards/treats gift last December. I'm guessing ward member(s), but probably not my visiting teacher (mainly since mine moved away a few days ago) since the neighbor got one too. Just someone thoughtful it seems.

I'm touched and so grateful. I admit that although I think about my friends and sisters I visit teach, I don't think I've ever thought much about single sisters specifically, and certainly not for a non major holiday like Mother's Day. Christmas, sure. I get that one - the season lends itself to looking for others to serve. But who thinks about sending some love to the single Moms in their ward on Mother's Day? I've never really thought past just the Mothers in my own life.

I'm seriously touched to the point of tears just knowing someone had the thought and made the effort. I wish I knew who to thank and I wish they knew how grateful I feel for their kindness.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Discipline Fail

You know when you want to give your 2 year old the ultimate threat, so you begin "the count"? You know the one... There's a mystery consequence at 3 but you and they both hope you don't have to find out what that consequence is.

Whenever I try "the count" with Kieran, it escalates to this:

(Often he hits the teens more accurately - it's still hit & miss in that range. This wasn't his best work)