Saturday, September 29, 2007

Neighborhood Cat Lady

Kinda funny story...

About a week ago an unfamiliar cat showed up at our doorstep. For days this cat hung around, even running into our legs trying to run inside when we opened our door. A few days ago the cat actually made it inside, which Brennan thought was just GREAT! He laughed and laughed at the cat as it hid under his bed upstairs. While the cat snuggled with me inside, I was able to read it's tag with a name ("Scribbles") and phone number. I at least knew she had a home. After another day or two with our doorstep visitor, I began to really worry about whether or not she really did have a home anymore. I called the phone number, and the family called back and talked to Brian. Apparently, The family lives just a few rows away from us in our townhouse-complex, but they hadn't seen Scribbles for a few days... they were also new to the neighborhood. Scribbles seems to have just been confused on which house was hers.

That night at about 1:00am, Brian and I were about to go to bed (we stay up crazy late), when we heard a cat's collar outside our door. Feeling bad that Scribbles apparently wasn't back at her real home, I opened the door and to my surprise, a completely different, again unfamiliar, cat ran past me and up our stairs. Once I got this one outside I started laughing. "Brian, I think I've become the neighborhood cat lady!" Considering the fact that this has never happened before, what are the odds that I'd get 2 strange cats in my house within the same week?

Sunday, September 2, 2007


We're so excited for our next little munchkin! Doesn't he already look so cute? In the 2nd picture he's biting his lower lip, upper lip is protruding out.
Due date: January 14th, 2008
Gender: Boy
He's already an active little kid, and as experience has shown with Brennan, it's just the beginning of such busyness.