Tuesday, November 23, 2010

November Adventures


There’s no school today. Not because of Thanksgiving, after all there will likely be school tomorrow. But, because it’s SNOWING! It started last night and kept Brennan awake hours later than otherwise. His bed sits right up by a window, even overlapping it a couple of inches, so he can see right out while laying down. What I love about our neck of the world is that we get a couple of snowfalls each season, but it doesn’t stick around in the meantime so we don’t get tired of it or have to drive in it much. The whole town shuts down if there’s about 2+ inches or an ice storm, then a day or so later it’s back to real life. I love these isolated snow days!

Friday, November 5, 2010

We Love Lucy

Asher likes to pick out his own movies, which is easily done as we keep the kid moves accessible. Unfortunately, Brian and I are usually too lazy to put our own movies away so they usually get mixed in with the kid movies.

This morning Asher selected a DVD and showed it to me. It was I Love Lucy. I told him it was a "Mom Movie" but he was undeterred. I figured, why not? He'll be bored within 2 minutes. Boy was I wrong.

Brian is always good for watching my favorite show with me, but I'm very excited that now I've got a child to laugh along with me :-)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Growing Up

Our usual wake-up routine is that the kids are allowed to play in either their room or the play room across the hall while I doze as long as I can. The result is usually that they’re incredibly noisy and I get up several times to shush them and remind them that they cannot hang out in the hallway, they cannot scream and fight, and they should keep their door mostly closed.

A couple days ago after a long night, I finally relented and agreed to let the boys go ahead and go downstairs while I took a few more minutes to wake up and prepare myself mentally to get through another day with young kids and too much to do. When I eventually wandered downstairs I was a little nervous about what sort of destruction I might find. Sure, they had pulled out a bunch of blankets and toys and made the living room look it’s usual wreck, but I did get a little wave of pride when I saw the dining table. Brennan had gotten cereal for both of them, INCLUDING the placemats. Sometimes having a 5 year old is actually pretty cool :-)