Sunday, November 5, 2017

Going Backwards

I left off in July and am a little intimidated to cover all our fun August adventtures. So I'm going to go backwards from our most recent fun. :-)

I actually snapped these before a Halloween party a couple weeks before Halloween, and nothing on the day of (except one of Brennan). Sadly Hollyn's costume was better day of, but oh well.

Brennan is Scott Sterling from the recurring Studio C sketch; Asher is a Rich Guy (his ultimate dream in life); Hollyn is a 50s girl; Kieran a skelaton.

This year was the first time since Brennan started school that Halloween was a on a school day. Our district holds conferences the last Wed-Fri of October, so Halloween tends to fall on those days or a weekend. I think once they even put conferences in the beginning of the week. Not this year though. Wouldn't have been so bad except the schools don't allow costumes, and then the downtown trick-or-treating was held primarily during school time (whereas other places moved theirs to Saturday). By the time Brennan got home at almost 4:30, and costumed up, we made it downtown in time for some free ice cream at Dairy Queen, and then headed back home. After a quick dinner, Brian came over for the kids. He took them first to the church's trunk-or-treat, where I also went to pass out candy. Then he took them back around the neighborhoods and I went to community band. I didn't even decorate the porch this year - it was a kind of off year Halloween-wise. And even though I love the holiday, it was kind of nice to be more lazy about it.

T and I did get in a quick picture before our nightly walk too.

Last night after I got home from Time Out For Women, T came by to play some board games with us. He was a good sport to play Speak Out even though he didn't know Brennan was taking his picture. ;-)

Settling in for some BYU-TV

I am genius, hear me roar

I got home from Time Out For Women last night, where I had a great time with Angie! I always take notes, or photos of the quotes shown on the screens. But as is perhaps with case with you, I rarely if ever see those notes again. One year I purchases the DVD of the conference and even rewatched a couple of the presentations once. But really, I go, I feel uplifted and inspired, and then I promptly forget it all.

This year I'm spending my afternoon writing my notes into my LDS Gospel Library, including tagging with the sub-topics so I'll be able to find these thoughts/promptings/stories/etc. any time I look under certain topics, linked to scriptures and other talks I've also tagged before. Another great advantage is that I still remember the background stories and context the speaker was talking about when I took my brief note. I'm including that as well which will help my notes actually make sense if I read them in the future.

I'm down to ONE more speaker (Anthony Sweat), but it was the one where I wrote down the most. *shrug*

We dressed in this year's color scheme. Uh, yes. Totally on purpose too.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Summer Continued

 We're quite a FAN of our new friend, "Scoutie". He's totally COOL.

 Having some fun at the county fair with my fun date. When he asked if I wanted to bring the kids with us it took me less than half a second to answer "Nope!"

 Neither one of us is photogenic, especially selfie-style. Meh.

At the neighborhood BBQ

Kieran requested "Bat Girl." He was quite adament that that's what he wanted. Not Batman.

Hanging out at the train with a new-to-me Richardson. Can't have too many Richardson friends, am I right?

One night I fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up to relocate to bed I saw this sweet note on the floor - in a very clean room. It said, "Another quick tidy done by: the Living Room Fairy". I bet you wish the Living Room Fairy visited your house while you slept too!

Crawdad Fishing

In July the cub scouts + families went crawdad fishing and ended with a "Bake". I'd never done it before (and still didn't really. I just hung out with Hollyn and Kieran playing in the water). Brennan and Asher are champion fishers now though.

I was proud of Hollyn and Kieran for getting up the nerve to actually pick the little critters up. But then they got TOO much nerve and wouldn't leave them alone.

Not only did I not want to catch or hold them, I never did have the guts to eat one. I could look at their ugly faces and creepy legs and rip them apart. Brennan and Asher tell me that they taste a little like crab, but not nearly as good.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

July 2017

Oh no! Gravity has been compromised!
Wait, I think it's returning...

Aaaaand normalcy restored. Whew!

Some of those hymns can go a little slow
 On the 4th of July the 1st and 2nd wards held a family fun run. Brennan really wanted to participate but he opted to be one of, like, 2 scouts that actually showed up to help set up the pancake breakfast. I know that was a bit of a disappointing choice for him, but bless his heart he really tries to make the most selfless choices when situations like this arise.

Kieran on the other hand was not so excite to participate. He was pretty grouchy that day but things went down hill(er) really fast when we started. Kieran was furious that Hollyn was being faster than him and running ahead. He kept refusing to go, having one giant meltdown the entire time. He cried about being too tired, about not being able to go fast, etc. Sometimes this kid is such a pill!

Fun surprise to see Pops sings in a quartet.

 We enjoyed a fun party at the Cochran's place that evening to watch the fireworks.

The first weekend in July we went to the ward campout. Good thing too, it turned out to be the only camping we did all summer. Man those summer weekends sure fly by disappointingly fast. :-( We had such a fun time though. Brennan and Asher were super into the canoes. Kieran was excited to join them in one, plopped down inside and immediately remembered he HATES boats with a phobic fear. He immediately demanded to be gotten out and spent the rest of the evening sitting in a shored boat. Every so often some well-meaning individual would offer to give him a ride, assuming that's what he was waiting for, but he would flatly refuse.

 The day Hollyn had her eye appt. at OSHU, Kieran and Brennan came along for the fun.

We had a fun time at Divinci Days in July. We all rode our bikes over to the Fair Grounds which was so fun to do together.

Teaching the younger generation about Pokemon

I got proposed to! Such a magical moment. Until he stood me up the next day. Such a shame, because he promised me that he would do all the chores and all the cooking. I had to give the ring back. :-/

I'll always love you anyway, Sawyer

Hot summer nights

We had lots of fun hanging out at the pool several times a week. Swimming lessons followed by sticking around for rec swim. This year Hollyn felt comfortable bobbing around in a life vest in any depth, the big boys can swim, and Kieran was too chicken to go beyond the shallow section. For the first time I could chill at the side of the pool and just watch instead of standing guard next to someone. It was aaaaaawesome!

***********More July to follow************