Tuesday, September 26, 2017

So much summer fun means HUGE photo dump!

  That week they got suuuuper into Twister

 Our RS activity in June was to deliver a meal to a local family homeless-shelter. Only myself and one other committee member could make it to deliver the food, so we put it together and started loading her car up with large trays of Spagetthi. Unforunately, there was a mishap in the doorway. :-( Christa hurried off to deliver what was left and I stayed at the church, alone, to clean wet spagetthi and sauce out of the carpet. With limited cleaning supplies. That was, uh, super fun.

 So, so fun to get to meet some Scotish cousins!

 Might not be entirely appropriate to sneak a photo in the chapel, but I didn't want to ever forget this sweet moment with Hollyn's arm around her little brother. And it's a good thing I did take this picture because I HAD already forgotten. ;-)

 When the big boys wonder off to do their own thing at the school carnival, we take photos without 'em.

 This girl loves helping me in the kitchen!

 Took until June 22nd, but we finally got our last day of school!

 ... and celebrated at Dairy Queen with an old friend who was visiting the neighborhood

 A Big Foot sighting?
 Nope, just that infamous Photo-Bomber.

 Too bad it's so dark because I think it's the only group I got at YW camp this year.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Concerts and Birthdays

Brennan's final band concert of 6th grade. 

Finally, and I mean FINALLY, this kid is no longer 3. There's a light at the end of this tunnel! ;-)

Kieran, I love you, Buddy. You are clever and animated and passionate. You learn songs/music impressively quickly; you keep up with those big siblings of yours; you are an angel child for your teachers and leaders. We're all super thankful you're part of our family!

He chose this little lizard from the toy selection in Primary. And this is what he wanted on his cake. Perfect. I even suggested other themes like Batman and Superman, but he just wanted his lizard on it. Easy peasy.
In the car day of, Brennan asked Kieran, "So what kind of cake did you choose? Chocolate? Lemon?..." Kieran answered offendedly, "No! It's a Lizard cake!"

I couldn't find a bow.

Shaking those maracas to the birthday song in Primary

I was lucky to get a seat at all for Asher's concert (this happened at Brennan's Spring Band Concert too. It's kind of annoying to not have enough accommodations for the audience at these events). But being in the very back row in a dark auditorium does not make for stellar photos. They sounded great though!

This is kind of random, but I had to get this side-by-side. Hollyn is almost 6 months older than Sawyer, but look at that height difference! It's a combo of her being especially short and him especially tall. Hah!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

End of May Fun Stuff

I couldn't get a good shot capturing all the lawns with all the flags, but it seemed to go on before us for a long, long way. Asher told me he was overwhelmed by the sheer number of flags, of those who have served our country.

On Memorial Day we visited the nearby Oak Lawn Memorial Park. We brought a bag of smooth rocks and pens and wrote Thank You on each rock. The kids would place a Thank You rock on a flagged grave marker until we ran out. Which Brennan immediately noted we wouldn't have nearly enough rocks for everyone. They enjoyed that activity, including reading the names and noting which war the individual had fought in.

Kieran, being "reverent" like I asked. I really just wanted him to stop dancing during the picture.

Last Saturday we headed for the coast to visit the old-fashioned (and movie-appearing) ships. First, I didn't know where in Newport to find them. If someone had just told me Bayfront, it would have been easy peasy. Brennan and I were looking everywhere online and NO ONE tells you where the boats actually are, other than "Newport". It was kind of ridiculous. Then, we couldn't find parking. We FINALLY did and walked down the dock to find one of them wasn't there, and the one that was had just closed for walk-on tours. No one was there giving info, nuthin'. We got a picture and headed over to the sea lions which were ultimately much more interesting.

Then we headed for the beach and again spent forever waiting for parking. I think I'm done with Nye Beach. It's not THAT great.

But we had a good time!

He's in the middle of complaining, "No! I don't want to smile!"

For the life of him, he just CAN'T remember where he left his body. Hope it didn't wander off...

ISO: Body. If found, please contact Hollyn

See all those people on board? That's while we were parking-spot hunting. :-/

During a recent FHE, we went outside to play kick-the-can (it represented Pahoran and the KingMen, and Moroni vs the Lamanites. Pretty epic). Hollyn's eye started bothering her, so I have her a minimum dose of benadryl, and sent her to the shower which I assured her would help.

10 minutes later she emerged like this:

She's since had it reiterated not to rub her eyes when they itch!
 She was given MORE benadryl AND eyedrops. I hoped she'd sleep it off, but her eyes were still swollen pretty bad the next morning. Enough that I kept her home from school even. She wasn't uncomfortable, but I couldn't get myself to send her looking like an alien. I have my pride.

My friend Angeli took me to The Cherry Poppin' Daddies event here in Corvallis. They sang so many fun oldies like "Beyond the Sea" and Lindy-hop favorites from the 20s and 30s and such. Of course Zoot Suit Riot came up. :-) We had so much fun!

The day of the *perfect curl*

Isn't she a beauty? The little turkey always tells people how cute she is... because "everyone tells [her] so".

It was a long 6 weeks, but track finally ended. Here's Brennan running his last 100m race of the year. He's hoping to do Cross Country in the fall... We'll see if I'm up for it. Track was a GREAT experience for him though. He isn't so competitive that he cared about getting first. (He might have cared if he'd come in last consistently - he was satisfied with being in the middle). But the experience of being part of a team, not to mention the benefits of exercise, was really positive for him.

I'll have to find the videos separately. (Vids are a lot of work to format for posting). Hollyn has no fear about dancing away in front of a crowd. Neither does Kieran.

On the evening of Memorial Day, Thane accompanied the kids and I to a patriotic Community Band concert (The Albany one, not "mine") in La Sells Stuart Center. Kieran was just 3-year-old wild, but Hollyn was wildly enthusiastic about the music. She used a small flag to "conduct", she danced in her chair, she ended up dancing in the aisle. Several people who'd sat behind us came up to me during intermission or at the end telling me how much they got a kick out of watching my daughter enjoying the music.