Monday, July 15, 2013

Lil' Mischief Maker

Everyone thinks Hollyn is so sweet and so quiet.  Man is this the biggest con in history.  Hollyn gives us a run for our money to be sure.  She makes bigger messes and tampers with more stuff than either Brennan or Asher combined.  Seems that way, anyway.

Lately her thing is that she can climb out of her crib.  She'd done it on a few select occasions for the past several months, but now it's habitual.  It's ruined nap time because she can play/escape/etc.  We had a really long day on Saturday.  We all attended cub scout camp from 9am until 2pm.  Upon arriving home Brian and I had to prepare for the missionaries to come for dinner - so food prep, cooking, cleaning, and errands to borrow eating, and such.  Hollyn was put down for a late nap right away but as she kept leaving her room, we put a baby-gate up in front of her door.  That kept her more or less corralled, but she never did sleep.  She just stood at her gate chatting, and ultimately throwing like everything in her room over the gate into the hallway. *sigh*

So she hadn't had a nap that day.  That night, she again took a while to go to bed since she wouldn't stay in it.  Eventually things got quiet.  But at 1am that night I was sound asleep when I was awakened by our bedroom door being shut.  I jumped up to investigate and in the darkness ran into Hollyn returning back up the stairs. "Hiiiiiiiii Mom!"  Ugh.  So I put her back into bed and put the gate back up.  She had pushed it out of her doorway.  *sigh again*.

Two hours later when Kieran woke up I peeked across the hall just to see.  Her gate was still up though her door was open.  I stood there for several seconds thinking to myself that it sort of looked like something may be there at the gate.  It was still quite dark at 3am.  So I moved towards her door and sure enough a little body scrambled back to hide in her room.  *sigh yet again!*  At that point I moved the child's door lock from the bathroom to the inside of her room.  I couldn't sleep if I was wondering if she was wandering around the house.  I have no idea how much sleep she actually got that night.  I know I missed a lot because of her.

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