Friday, July 19, 2013

SafetyTown Graduate of 2013

Corvallis has a fun little program called SafetyTown.  In it, kindergarteners learn all things safety, such as poison, stranger, water, playground, etc.  They got visits from Firefighters, police, swim instructors, a dog, and others.  The favorite part for the kids is driving the little foot-pedal cars as they take turns being drivers (they have to stay on the correct side of the street and obey traffic rules) and pedestrians.  It’s super fun for them.  Today was the last day of the 2 week program and graduation.  Asher needs to work on his address and phone number, but had all the other safety stuff down before Safetytown apparently.  I’m including this video because it makes me laugh.  Trouble holding the pose, Ash?

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