Saturday, June 23, 2012


She's got strong Idahoan ancestry, and like a true Idahoan, this girl loves potatoes!  And like a true daughter of myself, she loves mashed potatoes especially.

She got these mashed potatoes ALL over herself.  She wasn't even this messy with her birthday cake the week before!

The one day of Sun in weeks!

Cousin Sunshine was there too, but I couldn't get a shot of the girls together because they wouldn't both stand still for the same 2 seconds. :-)

The other day friend Wyatt was here and all the kids were playing upstairs.  When Hollyn started crying frantically I blamed Brennan for probably being too rough or something.  But we soon discovered the reason for her distress - she is absolutely terrified of this cow costume hood we have.  She was even wary of it if someone just held it in their hands.  But wearing it?  Oh my.  I wish I had been able to capture her best jumps.  She has seen her brothers wearing transformer masks and other scary things without caring a bit, but for some reason the cow hood really terrifies her.  (She reacts the same way to dogs.  Something about the size maybe?)  The video starts with shots of her as the boys played peekaboo with her.  I love when they interact with her.

Well, I haven't given a real update on Hollyn's personality in a while, so here's some more about her...

Although scared of them in real life, she loves dogs in general.  We have a book from the library right now with pictures of dogs.  One night to distract her during a diaper change I handed her the book and showed her the picture and said, "doggie, ruff ruff."  She started imitating me "eh eh" with the same intonations and timing.  Since then she loves to say it and even got the book out herself today when I mentioned doggies.  Hollyn also says what we believe is "up" ("uh!") at the appropriate times.  She says dada but I don't think in connection with Dad, and doesn't say Mama yet.  We know what her priorities are :-)  Let's see, what else...

Hollyn doesn't love hanging out in her high chair any longer than she has to, UNLESS she gets to use a spoon.  And better yet, add a bowl to the scene and she is one happy baby.  She's definitely starting to try and act as grown-up as her brothers.

The age of difficult Sundays has begun!  Oh brother.  My calling is in the library at church (which I highly recommend.  It's the best calling EVER!) and Hollyn usually hangs out with me in there.  But she's way over it.  The novelty wore off long ago and she wants OUT!  Last Sunday during class time, as I had nothing else to do, I let her wander around the halls staying close to the library.  Pretty soon another Mom and toddler joined me.  Then another and another.  Soon there were about 6 of us Moms with our 15-12 month old babies standing there watching our younglings going up and down and up and down and stairs. (Our building has a stretch of classrooms about a half-floor higher than the rest of the building.)  Anyway, we were lamenting that there should be a pre-nursery for babies once they've learned to walk.  As the bishop approached one person joked that we should just take our kids and drop them off in the bishop's office with a couple toys and say, "Here you go, bishop.  Have fun." :-)  Ahhh, this too shall pass.  It's an awesome age, except on Sundays.

2 Months Later...

...I'm ready to post some pictures and video of Hollyn's First Birthday!

Hollyn turned 1 in April, but it was a super busy time with family visiting, Brennan's birthday in the same week, and Easter just before that.  To top it all off she and the rest of us all took turns being sick for several weeks.  Consequently, I threw away the birthday cake I'd almost finished decorating because it ended up sitting on the counter too long. :-(  Without the actual birthday approaching I wasn't feeling particularly motivated to make another cake on any given day so it kept getting put off.
But then a couple weeks ago I made a cake for Devon's babyshower and Brian was in L♥VE with it!  But he only got some scraps and the boys got none at all, so I made another one.  Then I figured I might as well dub it Hollyn's birthday cake (even though it wasn't the cute rubber duckie themed cake I'd planned on) and voila!  Hollyn finally got to celebrate her first birthday with cake at almost 14 months old. :-)

These pictures are from her actual birthday.  Wow, what a difference 2 months makes.  Although her hair was curly back in April, some days it laid pretty flat - and her birthday was one of those days.  But 2 months later the curls have settled into some regularity and added some umph.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just some old pics

May 2012

Ah, learning to walk can be so hard!  This week had been particularly bad with two overlapping black eyes and a gouged nose. :-(

Monday, June 11, 2012

Some Holly-Wog, and a little Asher

One Sunday I came to check if the boys were done/needed any help with their church clothes.  But something wasn't quite right about Asher's pants.  Maybe it was the fact that it was actually one of Brennan's shirts!

And he didn't even notice until I pointed it out to him. :-)

Awww, I love a sleeping baby!

After falling asleep in the car, she was moved inside in her carseat.  I love this girl!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Some of My Day Yesterday

 Asher "graduated" from preschool yesterday, although he has another year until kindergarten. (And another 3 days of make-up preschool ;-)  This kid is such a nut.  As you can see in the video below, he started off the occasion yelling at another kid about where he sat down. 

The medals are from Olympics which they did the previous 2 weeks.  I can't remember which events he medaled in... Hollyn was with me.  I'm lucky I got any pictures or anything.

 Later in the day, it was time for the final swimming lesson of this level.  Brennan was not feeling well.  In fact, he'd had a fever of 102 the night before, but decided he felt well enough to go to school yesterday so he would be allowed to go to swimming too.  Later, last night, he got a fever again, up to 104. :-(  But he's back to his old self today.

He looks like he's waving, but actually he was just splashing.  The picture below is more representative of his poor, sick, mood.

It's Something, At Least

I started this post about a week or two ago.  This is as far as I got.  *sigh*  I just have SO MUCH to catch up on that I'm a little overwhelmed.  I may start with the most recent and go backwards.  I don't know.  Anyway, stay tuned for updates and pictures.  Eventually.