Monday, February 29, 2016

More February Fun

 Pictures from Dad after Asher's baptism

Dad came with the kids and I to OMSI last Friday. I hoped that as a non-school day for Corvallis only, we'd miss the Saturday-level crowds. Turned out to be just as busy with field-trip groups. But we had a fun time.

This was Kieran's favorite activity. An air-rocket that all you have to do is push the bottle into it's stand for several seconds, then when you let go it shoots out. Easy peasy and mesmerizing to Kieran.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Asher's Baptism

February 13, 2016 Asher took the step of being baptized and confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was such a special and wonderful day. The baptismal ordinance was performed by his grandfather, Gary Templeman, and the confirmation was performed by his other grandfather, Barry Stevenson

Cousins fighting over the chair - at a table of empty chairs. Lol

January Fun

In no particular order...

Took the kids to OMSI and Ikea and we actually all made it back home! It was lots of fun.

Our little Brennan cell stuck to the membrane wall

Just some fun with Mama

Waving hello
Asher finally, finally got to attend packmeeting as a scout! He was t.h.r.i.l.l.e.d. Usually at pack meetings he'd sit right behind the row of scouts and he'd be raising his hand to answer all the questions and just bursting with desire to join the club. His day has finally come. He was so concerned when he wasn't welcomed right away, thinking he'd been forgotten. lol.

One of my favorite pictures ever. Sometimes these two are so sweet to each other.

Earlier in January the kids and I hit the mall. We made a day of it: I had some shopping to accomplish at Target, so of course we'd have to spend 2 hours playing at the mall's play area while we were there. :-) Lots of fun. We also stopped and sat on the "rides" - though I'm too cheap to put in the quarters to make them move.

Brennan and Asher received some speedy r/c cars at Christmas which they enjoyed. But nothing like the way Kieran does. Goodness Gracious! He took Brennan's blue one and decided he owned it and completely lived for this toy. I can't believe how good he got at it, too. Better than me. And these are tricky cars, going not just forward and reverse, but diagonal and all directions. When Kieran likes something, he learns it quick.

Asher enjoyed his EIGHTH birthday! What the heck happened to my sweet little Asher-baby???

Brothers sharing the guest-beds.