Tuesday, July 2, 2013

He Knew It!

I can NOT wait to tell Asher's future children all about their Dad as a child.  He is truly one of the most imaginative and funny children I have ever met.  Currently, Asher is convinced that he's the Hulk.  Because one day he pulled apart an adjustable curtain rod, separating the two poles.  He realized then that he can "break metal" which naturally means he's the Hulk I guess. ;-)  Most of his conversations these days revolve around his new-found identity.  And he's extra glad that "Kieran is another word for Batman" because now he doesn't have to be the only superhero in the family.

This little gem came about while I was feeding Kieran.  Asher was hanging out with me and admiring himself in the mirror when he suddenly turned around excitedly and exclaimed that he'd seen some green!  He pointed to a spot above his lip where apparently he'd discovered the color's appearance.  He was so excited.  Yeah, this clip is coming out to show his children some day. :-)

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Joshua Richardson said...

You should buy him some purple shorts.