Saturday, February 28, 2009

Another Brennanism

Brennan's questions for the past few months have been ones dealing with future events. He'll ask "what are we going to do after we go shopping?" or "and then where will we go?" and things like that. He'll go on and on this way having me give him the sequence of upcoming activities ("what will we do after we go inside?" What will we do after we put away the groceries? What will you make us for lunch?") until I don't know the answers myself.

Anyway, I'm digressing. So, he's full of these questions, but there's one in particular that has a sort of incriminating sound to it, and he's asked it loudly in public settings, with a voice that sounds full of concern:

"What are you gonna do to me?"

He has no idea that people could take that the wrong way. Although he sounds frightened, it's more a fear of the unknown, truly uncomfortable not knowing what to expect from his schedule. Still... gotta love how our children find ways to embarrass us.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Scriptures Come to Life

So, I'm sitting at the computer (obviously) right now, and Brennan is playing in the bath tub. I'm not really paying much attention to what he's playing... his characters are having all sorts of adventures. ("Ahh, help me"... "I'm coming, I'm coming"...) but he said something that caught my attention:

"And it came to pass..."

If he learns nothing else from our family scripture study, he's at least got that down.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Not a whole lot going on with us. My classes start up again a week from this Saturday, (yes, that's valentine's day... lucky me), so I've been trying to get some things done. I finally got around to organizing the boys' toys, which wasn't in great order before we added Christmas gifts to it. In the process I rearranged furniture into different rooms and played musical bins with the toy sorting. For the few minutes that the organization lasted, it was fabulous!

Brennan and Asher are both doing well. So far, knock on wood, we've avoided everyone else's colds and flu. Two weeks ago or so some of us got a small cold that lasted about 2 days each, but no biggy. The season is still young though, technically, so I doubt we're really in the clear.
I love Asher's age. I could (and sometimes do) spend all day just watching him wander around. He's a really happy child who is eager to walk off to empty cupboards and book shelves, and returns every few minutes to check in and offer me a grand smile. Every day I am SO thankful that he joined our family.

Brennan is also a joy. He's no sweet, inocent 1 year old, but he's got his redeaming qualities ;-). He's always been the bundle of energy, such as displayed in the video clips below. It can be a little overwhelming day in and day out, but I wouldn't change it if I could. He's always ready for a good tickle fight, or a board game or a book, or whatever kind of activity we have to offer. Brian and I can't remember life before him. We're SO thankful he's in our family too.

Nothing noteworthy has happened lately, so I decided to take the opportunity to just get some pics/clips of the boys hanging out. The pictures are not working out so well though because they won't stay still long enough. Even on the "sports" setting, the boys are moving too fast to get a clear picture. I think just for fun, I'll post the pictures of Asher which would have been adorable had he been sitting still enough.

I'm so glad I got this shot. Asher's been doing this for months now. He loves going upsidedown, and does it regularly throughout the day. This time though, I was actually already holding the camera when he did it.