Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Blessing Weekend

Kieran was blessed at church on August 4th, 2013.  It was performed by Brian.  In attendance were Grana and Grandpa Stevenson, Grandma and Grandpa Templeman, Robison family, and Aunt Devon.  He was awake but completely quiet and content for the whole thing.  Such a good baby. Smile
Grana found this darling outfit for Kieran to be blessed in.  I just love it!  I wish I had any sort of photography skills – he really looked so cute!
After church we went to the Templeman home for lunch.  Brennan got a hold of the camera and there are about a million pictures and lots of video found on it now.  Hahaha.  Most of his shots are blurry, which is a particular shame for pictures that otherwise would have been great, like the family shots. 
Asher with Grana’s camera, the boys had a “photo war”.  So there’s a bunch of pictures of Asher with a camera in his face.
He also took some nice pictures like these. Smile
Backtracking… The day before, (Saturday), we went to the coast with Grana and Grandpa.  Had a fun time playing at the beach and visiting the Sea Lion Caves.
Here’s a view from the caves
014994894_10200922722005225_648958748_n547419_10200922724765294_1959896636_n999870_10200922721005200_1286492795_n988679_10200922706084827_1880743837_n1095081_10200922704164779_891846139_n Grana managed to get the K-baby to sleep!  Normally not so hard, but he didn’t love the beach.
Grandpa got some crab with his order at McGrath’s – which happened to be the food that Brennan had wanted to order.  Grandpa kindly shared though with his young grandsons and it was a huge hit!
She loved sitting on her grandpa’s lap. ♥
We did some pics with my Mom and Dad too, but not on my camera.  Hopefully some day Dad will send them along.  In the mean time, I stole some from Judi’s facebook page. Smile

And finally, just some hangin’ at home pics
Asher got a big kick out of his straight hair-do.  He wanted a picture of it.
And then Hollyn had to join him sitting on the couch

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Kelly said...

Awwww, so sweet! What a special day! How lucky to have both sets of grandparents there. Can't wait to meet this little fellow. I can't believe you didn't deliver him while I was there, but I suppose there's nothing to do but forgive you!