Friday, June 14, 2013

1st Week Down

Things are going well with Kieran.  He is such a little sweetie! After my previous post where I mentioned this crying episodes, they disappeared.  Magically.  Or at least after he finally pooped.  He hadn't for several days.  Once his insides worked things out, he's been practically perfect.  Like Hollyn did, Kieran also often sleeps 4 or so hours at a stretch.  When he is awake, he's pretty content.  He LOVES looking around, like he takes in all the wonder around him.  I had thought Hollyn was the easiest baby ever, but I think Kieran may have the lead because of one difference - where Hollyn refused to nurse (leading me to pump regularly for 7 months) and also refused a pacifier, Kieran is totally flexible.  He's my best nurser yet, plus takes a bottle, plus takes a pacifier!  I am SO relieved.  I spent the last 9 months stressing out that after "my easy baby" I was due for "my super difficult baby".  Of course, things could change.  He's only 9 days old.  And we HAVE had a long night or two.  But I feel like Heavenly Father has blessed me with good babies.  (Makes up for the trials I suppose :-)

Hollyn LOVES her baby brother.  I was sure she'd have the biggest adjustment to make, and I wasn't looking particularly forward to it.  But she sure loves the little guy, and has from the get-go.  For the first few days the first thing she'd do in the mornings is check to see if he was still there, and would exclaim with delight, "The baby!"  She doesn't have to check anymore, but she's always so happy to see him and loves giving him kisses every chance she gets.  She does still need to learn that I can't attend to her the second she desires it... but that was already a disappointment to her, so nothing's changed there ;-)

The older boys are being great little helpers for me.  I am SO thankful that Brian's week off coordinated with the last week of school.  First of all, he was able to attend a couple of school things he ordinarily wouldn't have been able to, but also Brian's first day back at work yesterday was Brennan's first day of summer vacation.  So I was able to utilize Brennan's presence to get through the day.  Brennan and Asher played together better than normal, and whenever I needed someone to help Hollyn get into/out of her high chair or something like that, Brennan was on it!  I didn't have to (and hope to make sure I don't) overuse him, but having him around to do a quick thing here and there that Asher can't do yet is a huge help.

Soooo, yeah.  Things are pretty good.  We're definitely still in an adjustment phase.  Things are SUPER busy and schedule-less.  I'm not ready to go anywhere where I'll likely have to nurse Kieran.  But overall, ♫♪ "...there is hope smiling brightly before us..." ♪♫, so I'll take it! :-)

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Devon Parmenter said...

Let us know if you need more dinners. I know mom, shannon and I did three days in a row. That isn't always the most helpful when you want leftovers.