Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New Job

I feel really blessed.  Being humbled, or sent through a refiner’s fire, can kinda hurt.  On the other hand, it’s the best way to receive blessings and really appreciate them.  So I’m grateful for the various trials we’ve been facing the last couple of months.  Sunday night was kinda hard.  Things looked a little bleak. Brian’s been putting in like 80 hours a week on job hunting, interviews, phone calls, etc.  And things have been moving along, but the process is just slow.  Send an application, days later a phone call.  A week later a phone interview.  Another week before the second interview.  And that’s if things are moving quickly!  In the mean time though life keeps moving. 

Anyway, I was feeling discouraged Sunday night because things just aren’t moving quickly enough.  Brian is officially being let go at the end of THIS month!  That’s a scary thought since all of this takes so long.

But yesterday Heavenly Father reminded me that He’s still aware of us.  That He’s watching out for us.  Brian had a busy day.  He got 3 calls on his way to work, spent his morning calling them back and receiving more calls.  He texted me around 11:30 and said he had a phone interview at noon, another one from 1-2, a video call at 3, studying and preparing all night, followed by today’s 6am video interview and something else today as well!  At 12:30 he texted again to say he was going to Eugene right THEN!  He’d met with this company last week and we were surprised not to hear back from them right away.  They need someone to fix things that the last web guy broke when he was fired.

Anyway, long story short, Brian has been hired by this company.  Originally we were thinking he stood a pretty good chance of being offered the job, but felt apprehensive.  Should we take the first offer that comes along because we don’t know if there will be another?  OR, do we hold out hoping one of these other balls in the air is “the one”?  It was an uncomfortable thought.  But here’s the great thing about what happened yesterday.  The Eugene company was trying to decide what they wanted – some wanted Brian (or whoever) to come on full time and stay forever.  They were also debating outsources to a firm though, among other things.  In the end, what they offered Brian is work starting NOW, to fix their problems – taking about a month or so – and then they’d see what they want to do, with a good possibility of offering him long-term work.  But this first part is just a contract job so he wouldn’t have to feel guilty about moving on after the month.

So basically, Brian has a job that can carry us through as things at Corvallis Technical are dying down and ending, but he will continue to try for one of these other appealing jobs.  It’s exactly what we need.

All of this took place the day after Fast Sunday, where many of our family I believe were fasting in our behalf.  And I know many have been keeping us in their prayers as well.  I’m so grateful for that.  I’m thankful to have family that cares about us, prays for us, and offers WAY more support than we deserve.  It’s not easy to accept so much support some times, but we are thankful to have family that loves us enough to offer it.

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Kelly said...

WOW! I am so excited for you guys. We will definitely continue to keep you in our prayers over this transition period, but what an awesome blessing. Josh and I are thrilled. Makes Christmas look a little brighter and jollier, I imagine!
Love you all!