Saturday, December 14, 2013

We Really Tried

I love looking at all those pretty family pictures everyone else gets.  And oh how I envy them.  For some reason, my family can’t take a good shot to save our lives.  I love some of these with Asher making a face because it is SO him.  Unfortunately none of those are the best pics of all the rest of us.  Here’s literally the best picture we got:

IMG_5018 (2)

Kinda almost.  We do actually consider Brennan a valuable part of the family, despite what you see.



These ones were relatively good too.  ‘Relatively’ being the key word here.

IMG_5017 (2)IMG_5019 (2)

I see that Hollyn is following in Asher’s footsteps here

IMG_5014 (2)

May as well just go with this one.

IMG_5035 (2)

Or forget a family picture altogether and just pick the best individual ones.

IMG_5004IMG_5010IMG_5003 (3)IMG_5026IMG_5011IMG_5020

Or at lease some that more accurately show our personalities

IMG_5003 (2)IMG_5028

Some day I hope to have a family picture I can actually frame and display Smile


Kelly said...

Well, I love them with all the character. You should do a collage of them instead of one boring print. Wouldn't that be kind of cool?

Shannon Nicole said...

I thought the pics I took of your family last Nov were really good. Of course, you have an addition to the family since then, but still, I don't think you can say you never get a good shot. Thanks for posting the pics, they are classic!