Wednesday, December 11, 2013

6 months

 Happy Birthday to Us!  Kieran and I share a birthday/half birthday with each other.  Aren't we a cute couple of youngsters?

Kieran has turned into quite the roly poly these days.  He doesn't stay on him back so much any more.  I wouldn't say he enjoys tummy time yet - more like he almost tolerates it.  But it's improving every day.  As a result of rolling from front to back repeatedly, he's started to move all over the place.  Love that!

Let's see, what else... He can hold his own bottle pretty well.  Not perfectly yet, but well enough that I can often feed himself while I change his diaper.  That's always nice.

He started solids a month ago.  And loved it!  He's only had rice and oat cereal so far.  And actually ever since the first time he hasn't been as into it.  I'm not sure why.

Kieran sleeps pretty well.  Lately he's waking up once or twice a night again, but he's going to bed really early - sometimes 3:30 or 4:00pm and sleeps through 'til 8:30am with those 2 wakings. (Like, 11:30pm and 6am).  He naps well.  No regular schedule that I've noticed.  Maybe I just haven't paid as much attention.  Same thing happened with Hollyn - I just put her down when tired and she was super flexible.  I think Kieran's going to be the same way.

I sure love this little guy.  He is so happy, so easy, so chill.  He loves attention and is happy to get it from anyone.  No stranger fear yet.

I ended up phasing out nursing in exchange for pumping "accidentally".  I had to supplement, if you recall, quite a bit.  So he started resisting the nursing more and more.  A lot of waiting and work for him with very little payoff.  So I started deciding to nurse after the bottle instead of before.  But that didn't really work either, so I started pumping because I'd skipped the nursing.  And that increased to the point that it's been a month since he nursed at all and I put myself on a pumping schedule, just to do what I can.  My milk supply actually increased after the full switch.  Nothing close to what he needs still though.  Anyway, that's where that stands.  I like to keep a record so I can compare how these things went with each baby.  Sorry that other readers likely don't care. :-)

Some Minecraft buddies.  And yes, they're wearing matching outfits.  It says "King Pig Stole my Homework".  An Angry Bird thing.  And they think it's hilarious. :-)

Hollyn's still giving us a run for our sanity.  We can't take our eyes off her for a minute.  She's awfully cute though.  Good thing. ;-)  Hollyn still loves books, particularly the "Little a" (or 'b' or 'c' etc) ones.  The front and back covers have a picture of all the little letter kids together and Hollyn makes us sing the ABC song while pointing to the corresponding letter at least once each time.  She also likes to scootch the kitchen chairs to get into anything she wants.  She pours her own milk from the gallon jug.  She's only spilled once or twice and not much either time.  She's amazing adept at that.  She started a whole new level of tantrum screaming, reserved for nap times that she doesn't want.  She pounds on her door screaming her head off.  Thankfully not for more than a minute or two.  Put it's pretty dramatic.  And certainly nothing that the older boys EVER did.  She's quite the 2 year old.

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Kelly said...

Kieran is so cute! I can't believe how much he's changed in two months.