Friday, November 1, 2013

More October


How sad that this was the best shot I got of the kids in their costumes.  Sometimes it’s hard to remember to take pics during events and festivities.


Kieran at 4 1/2 months wearing the costume Hollyn wore last year at 18 months. Lol.  And no, Kieran’s not a fatso.  He’s below 50th percentile.  That’s just how small Hollyn is/was.


Trick or Treating downtown with the Butlers.  Even the Courthouse participates


I guess Iron Man 3 deserves 3 Iron Men


Hangin’ at the soccer game


Our soccer guy


Almost rolling over.  This shot was him coming back because he saw me coming.  But he was rolling onto his tummy with one arm stuck under him.


Asher decided to label his bouncy ball.  I’m impressed though that he managed to write it in almost complete MIRROR reversal.  Considering he usually writes his “S” backwards, then only the “R” is the right direction.


If you fall asleep on the living room floor, you’d better be in “ready” position

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Kelly said...

I love the iron man costume. Looks pretty realistic!
Kieran is getting so big!