Wednesday, November 20, 2013



“Asher, when are you going to stop loving me?”  I quizzed.

Without pausing for thought he answered. “When you die” matter-of-factly.

“What?!?!” I exclaimed.  “You’re going to stop loving me when I die?!?”

“Yep.”  Then added, “But only a little bit…. The more you die, the more I’ll stop loving you.”

Wow.  Tough critic.  He did go on to explain though what I think meant once the dying process is done and I’m dead for good that he’ll love me again.


As I typed that Brian just came downstairs to tell me that he was checking on Hollyn in the bathroom.  He found her using the toilet.  Making stern eye contact he said, “No playing in the toilet when you’re all done, o.k?”  “o.k.” she’d softly responded.  He continued staring her down to make sure his point was made.  Until she said, “o.k. you-a go now.”  Lol


Kelly said...

I really liked Hollyn's teenager attitude!!!

Judi Stevenson said...

Your babies makes me smile!! Love you guys.