Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Aah, Life

Part of me really wants to write about everything going on.  Part of me really doesn’t.  I suppose I’ll leave it at the last 3 weeks have been the worst, hardest, most emotional, and in some ways sweetest of probably my life.  I’ve suffered some trials that caused me to sink into a terrible depression.  REALLY terrible.  Like, I lost 6 lbs in 5 days.  Ugh.  On the other hand, I totally upped my spiritual study and pondering and was rewarded with a wonderful increase in understanding.  Understanding myself, how I receive revelation, how I feel the spirit, increased understanding for others, etc.  The trials are unchanged but I am starting to accept things a little more.  Still, I appreciate any prayers in my and my family’s behalf.


Hollyn had an appointment at OHSU last week for her eyes.  The background is that last May she started displaying “lazy eye” tendencies.  The occurrences quickly increased until it was quite apparent.  During June for a few days the frequency decreased, but went back up.  In August it started decreasing again and by her appointment time with her physician she only did it right at the very end of the time with him.  So she was referred to specialists in Portland.  However the occurrences of her eyes not tracking together continued to go down until by the end of August she was no longer doing it.  Since the appointment at OHSU was scheduled 3 months out I figured I should keep it because I didn’t know if the problem would manifest again.


So that took us to last week.  She was seen, she did great.  The problem never did come back since August.  We learned that her eye-sight is great.  No problems at all.  So the question is, what happened?  And that remains a question.  Dr. Karr (who she saw) told us that what happened with her is very unusual.  The most common reason this can happen is from inflammation in the muscles behind the eye.  But even when that does happen, it doesn’t usually last 3 months!  And it’s usually associated with joint problems (like rheumatoid arthritis).  But she hadn’t been showing any signs of joint pain or problems when that happened, or ever.  So basically, she’s a conundrum.  Or what happened last summer is anyway.  I guess it’ll just remain a mystery unless it ever happens again in which case we’re supposed to get her in while it’s still happening


Hollyn’s doing well though.  She’s a big ol’ turkey who drives me crazy all day.  Then I take her somewhere else and she’s all cute and whispers and behaves like a shy little perfect angel.  What the heck, girl!  She’s really into books.  Always has been, but the obsession isn’t waning.  It’s nice and all, but she whines and cries when I can’t tend to her every second of the day.  Sigh.  At least she wants to be around me, I suppose.  Anyway, she likes “yetters”, and points them out whenever she sees them.  Like the computer keyboard or elsewhere.  She often identifies an individual letter as “A”, regardless of which letter it is.  Today a PBS show was on and the character asked us to say the letters (for the word Snail) and Hollyn blurts out the sound “ssssss”.  Between that and nailing the letter S when we sing the song – pointing to the letters – I’m beginning to think she knows that letter and/or its sound.


Asher’s reading is also coming along.  The other demands of being a parent of young children/babies often comes at the expense of educational time with the older kids.  Plus I kinda hate helping a pre-reader learn to read.  Can I say that?  Well, I did.  I find the process very frustrating.  Like, “c’mon, just!  No, it’s a “b” not a “d” “ etc.  Anyway, I haven’t done a whole lot with Asher previously, but lately I have been taking the time to help him practice during our evening reading time and just in the last week of doing that he seems to have improved significantly.  I realized actually that the learned the sight-words (like “said”) really well and better than sounding out.  Interesting.


Brennan’s doing well also.  He loves having Mrs. L as his teacher again and she is perfect for him!  She gets his struggles with impulsive behavior and sees the kid who really, really just wants to be good and kind and sweet.


And Kieran.  Dear sweet perfect Kieran.  He was the perfect baby, but around his 4 month birthday he started getting really fussy.  And eating a ton.  I nursed as much as I could, but whenever he took a bottle he was drinking like 8-10 oz.  And I was making like 3 oz.  Obviously not enough.  My supplementing increased a lot.  Although I’m still nursing at every feeding, he now gets a full bottle afterwards, another 5-8 oz.  His mood has improved and he’s now back to his happy ol’ self.  BUT, his weight percentile continues to drop.  At his 4 month checkup he’d dropped from about the 50th where he’d stayed since birth, to the 8th all of a sudden.  It was noteworthy, but not necessarily of concern.  The Dr. pointed out he’d be starting solids soon so that should help.  Well that was before I started supplementing so much more, and now that his food intake increased, he was weighed last week and he’d dropped further, now at the 5th or 6th percentile.  I don’t see how that could possibly have happened since he eats so much.  The baby’s a bottomless pit!  I haven’t started solids yet though.  I guess we’ll have to see what happens then.


Last Friday Asher took a spill on the pavement during recess.  I had to pick him up because he was trying to drop off to sleep in the school office.  He did fall asleep once home, but woke up feeling o.k.  He was terribly embarrassed about his wounds at first, which were even more obvious than this picture shows, and didn’t like having to explain what happened when someone inevitably asked.  But by the end of the day, when I took him to ta friend’s house to be babysat, he was happy to surprise them with his “zombie face”.  It’s healing well, but still getting a lot of questions from everyone who sees him


Brian’s been playing in the pit-orchestra for the community theater’s The Sound of Music.  Isn’t he handsome down there?


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