Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Catch Up

Since it’s been so long there are a lot of photos.  Consequently I placed them into albums.  Enjoy!

One day last month Brennan and his friend decided they wanted to try to sell acorns – for 25 cents a piece no less!  I warned them that they were unlikely to sell something that covers the ground and anyone can collect a million of for free.  But they set up shop anyway.  Incredulously, they talked a few people into buying!  Asher couldn’t believe it either, but they let him join the team as a traveling salesman.  He wandered around the neighborhood spreading the news of the sale and got a cut of the profits.  Lol.  The next day, Ash set up his own table.  I snapped a picture of him sitting out there, a good 45 minutes or hour later, just waiting.  It sort of broke my heart.  However, he made some money even then!  All the sympathetic sponsors have spent their dough though, so the business had to close.

During General Conference, the boys whipped out a fun Super Hero puzzle.  We finished just minutes after Conference ended.

I snapped several examples, but yes, Kieran is a thumb-sucker!  It’s cute, but it makes me nervous since I was a good 8 years old (Brennan’s age!) before I was able to break that habit myself.
Another funny Kieran thing – all my kids had ridiculous hair growth as babies, but Kieran’s might just take the cake.  It grows in a line down the back of his head.  At the top he has an off-centered swirl which means all his hair grows out of it swirling to the same side of his head.  So he’s got this long hair on the right side of his head and not nearly as much on the left.  Hahaha.  I gave him a small trim but it wasn’t enough.  I gotta take some clippers to him and just even it all out with the under-hair.

For Brian’s birthday last month we went to see Brian Regan live in Eugene.  It was a blast!  The boys (all 3) stayed with friends who recently moved down there (the one’s who’s house we moved into, actually!) and Hollyn got to spend the night and Grandma and Grandpa Templeman’s.  So fun!  On the way home from Eugene, Asher fell asleep in a rather awkward position.  I’m surprised he was able to lift his head when we got home.

 Sort of random, but I took a picture of Asher' taco. I think we may have been our of tortillas.  Or maybe it was just for fun.  But I made his taco inside a giant lettuce leaf.  It was a hit!  Totally recommend it.

Earlier in October my sister Kelly and her family came up for a visit.  We had a great time going to the local Harvest Festival (pumpkin patch/haymaze/etc) at Airlie Hills.  The corn maze had been wiped away by a recent storm (as in the stalks were literally laying flat on the ground), but everything else was open and as great as ever.

Last year at this time I remember lamenting about we were going through one of the harder/hardest times of our marriage.  Maybe it’s a fall thing, because things didn’t improve much since then but have steadily decreased recently.  Like, you think “well, it can’t really get any worse” and then we blow a vehicle tire.  Which we can’t afford to fix so the truck will just have to either be junked or hang out indefinitely.  But at least NOW it couldn’t get any worse, right?  Until two days after the tire, Brian and his boss decide to dissolve Brian’s web development department in the business.  Yep, we’re being “laid off”.  We can’t live of what his boss was paying, but his boss can’t pay any more because it just hasn’t been a profitable aspect.  The rest of the IT business is great, just the web development part doesn’t make any $.  So, onward and upward.  Worst case scenario Brian has to get a job bagging groceries or something but it wouldn’t be any worse than we’ve already been doing.  So the good news is, we have nowhere to go but up!  Of course, I’ve been saying that the last few months.  And so far things have only found a way to get worse.  Sigh.  Life is quite a ride.  But no worries.  Always able to find/see our immense blessings too.

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