Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Problem with Growing Up

 Hollyn is now over 16 months old.  I'm looking VERY forward to nursery in a month a a half. :-)

One of her current endeavors these days is that, after having learned how to open all our cupboards and what items are in each, she hits the snack-food cupboards all day.  There are granola bars and cracker packages ALL OVER my house, because Hollyn spends all her waking moments fetching an item, and handing it to me.  Unless I give in and open it for her to eat, I usually just accept it and set it down in the nearest convenient location.  If you're wondering about the package of pistachios and the bag of cereal on my desk, that's why it's there ;-).  If I don't open the food item for her, she silently walks back to the cupboard to grab another one and try again.  If/when she gives up on that, she starts going through all the other drawers and cupboards leaving things scattered all over the floor and often hiding them in other drawers and cupboards. *sigh*  As if I didn't have enough trouble keeping up on the housework.  And it isn't just the kitchen.  She loves to notice when the upstairs bathroom door is left open, and has a ball carrying my feminine products all over the house.  I keep having to throw away tampons that she opens (paper-wrapped) and chews on. (Of course they're no good once they've gotten wet.) I usually pretty much feel like I'm about to lose my mind.  I don't have enough space to move everything from out of her reach so I suppose I'm doomed to just do what I can until we move past this stage.

Still, we sure love this little girl!  With all her gettin' into stuff I'm starting to call her Goldilocks. :-)  Seems like a good fit.  Brian still likes to call her "Smallyn" because she's so tiny.  At 18.5 lbs she's in the 10th percentile for height and weight.  I like my tiny one though.  So much easier to carry and clothe than a big chunker.

She loves to play with her brothers.  It's so fun to watch her "get" the games that they're playing.  She also loves to color (at least for a few minutes).  She still says "Up-mmm" instead of just "up" and FINALLY will say "Mama" on command.  She doesn't call me that, but can at least repeat the sound now.  She loves to snuggle things close to her face while we say, "Oh sooo pretty..."  She has a huge tantrum if someone goes outside and doesn't let her come along.  The other day I went to deliver a cake to some neighbors.  I left her home with Brian and even though I snuck out the back door she noticed her brothers go out the front.  And immediately started crying.  I didn't give it much thought when I ended up staying and chatting with my friend for a while.  About half an hour later Brian came in delivering Hollyn to me because she'd apparently not gotten over her upsetedness.  Oh brother am I in trouble.  Luckily it's a some-what easy fix at this point.  If I let her step outside for even just 30 seconds she usually feels satisfied.  I'm not sure what we'll do come rainy winter though.

 Also still likes to "talk" on the phone.

Remember that cake I took to the neighbors?  It was sort of a joke because they moved next door to themselves, from the 3-bedroom across from us to the 4-bedroom diagonal from us.  But I brought them a "welcome" cake anyway.  I made two smaller cakes out of the recipe so we could have some.  The boys kept asking "which one is ours?" so I used some icing to make it more clear ;-)

 My cute boys!
Yay!  Mom let me walk outside for a bit!

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