Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some picture catch-up

Well, my camera is still in Idaho so the only pictures I have are from Brian's cell phone.

After our SUPER fun weekend at Sunriver with my parents at the end of June, we took a pit-stop at the High Desert Museum in Bend.  What a neat place.  I was at first disappointed at how expensive it was, but soon realized that it was worth every penny.  The only whining we heard was when it was time to leave!
Don't you love this?  Daddy and Daughter... so sweet ♥
Remember how we went to Oaks Amusement Park on our way to Idaho?  I love that place.  Another recommend from the Stevenson Family.
I'm not sure if Brennan realized he was in the girl spot (lol).  I think his focus what on getting his hot-pink squid in the shot.  And what's with Asher's 'tude?

Not too afraid to ride the Ferris Wheel with Dad

 Going to the Idaho Falls Zoo is always a hit... and always super hot.  I've been there many times now, but never (not once!) have I NOT roasted through the whole experience. :-)  Clearly a fun enough place to be worth it.


Brennan was nervous about his surgery.  But not so nervous he couldn't do a few model poses for us.
The serious underwear model face

The, ummmm, sleeping model look?

This is how he thought he would look when he returned

This is how he actually looked when he returned

All told he got several hours worth of Sponge-Bob Square-Pants in, plus a bunch of Fairly Odd-Parents.  Not bad, eh?

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