Monday, August 20, 2012

Family Camping Trip

The little nature trail bordering the campground

 You know what's really sad?  Because I relied on Brian to take pictures on his cell phone, we have basically NO pictures of Hollyn on her FIRST camping trip. :-(  And we're not camping again any time soon.  These pictures you see are it.

Still, despite the lack of evidence, we had a great time.  Just 2 nights, but that was the perfect amount.  Concerns:
Hollyn Sleeping: Although she took hours to fall asleep the first night and nap time, she was quiet and didn't disturb any neighbors.  The first night around 3am she spent about two hours moaning, "mmmmm-nnnn-mmmmm-nnnn-mmmm-nnnn..."  It was cute.  I think a result of being so chilly in the tent.
Hollyn hanging around campsite: She was rather a beast to watch around the campsite, but thankfully when I picked out our site months ago, I picked one that bordered the playground.  It could not have been MORE perfect!  We had a straight-shot view between the trees which allowed us to send Hollyn with Brennan, and I could keep my eye on him playing with her. :-)  Brennan basically lived at the playground as it was the hangout for a whole bunch of boys who made up a specific game of tag with a slew of rules and terms ("You forgot to say 'upsies'," "no cherry picking!" "You have to say one two ten!")

We stayed at Beverly Beach, and just as you can guess, it's located at the beach. :-)  Although very hot in the valley, the coast was in the low 60's with some awfully chilly wind.  We spent a couple hours playing there and had fun, but spent most of our time in the non-windy campground.

Visiting the Bay Front on our way home

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Kelly said...

Ohhhh! Cute! That looks like us - two days to camp was all we could spare, but it was so fun!