Thursday, August 23, 2012

How They Talk

Both of the boys are slow talkers.  Well, more like over-fast thinkers.  So they take a while to get to the point.  They go about it differently though.

Asher sort of stutters.  Not in the traditional sense however, where a person has trouble getting past a first sound.  Asher repeats the ending syllable.  "When I was a grown-up, I used too-oo-oo drive to the beach and see-ee-ee the ocean!"  That's a made up sentence, and even now it doesn't seem like quite a good example.  It's taken me so long to get around to recording this that I think he's starting to outgrow it.  Anyway, that's the technique Asher has used when his brain is going faster than he can spit stuff out and needs to buy himself some time.

Brennan takes forever to get through a statement because he starts over repeatedly.  And he throws in "Mom!" every couple of words. "Mom! I had an idea!  If you wanted, Mom!, if you wanted to go to the store but, Mom! If you need to go shopping but not me,  hey Mom!, if I don't want to come shopping, then maybe I could stay home and Mom!,..."  Brian and I get a kick out of it while also trying to help him just get it out for goodness sakes.  Sometimes for every time he exclaims "Mom!" I immediately interrupt with "What?!?"  But that distracts him and makes him take even longer to get to the point.  It's really interesting to hear your name exclaimed every other second.  I sure love this kid. ♥

Can you imagine how our dinners go when both boys are fighting to get their stories out at the same time? :-)

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