Monday, August 6, 2012


I didn't look at when my last entry was, but it feels like it's been a while.

The first week and a half of July was busy getting ready for our trip to Idaho which took place the rest of the month.  We left on a Friday and spent the afternoon at Oaks Park in Portland with my sisters, nieces and nephews, and parents.  That was super fun.  Hollyn rode a couple rides but seemed indifferent to them.  That evening we continued on Pendleton and stayed the night, which was great to break the long drive up. The following day we took MANY stops and finally rolled into the driveway after 9pm.  Whew!

Idaho was great!  We (as in Brian and I) got to attend the temple with a whole bunch of family as it was his brother's first time before leaving on his mission in a couple of days.  It was a-mazing(!) to do a session with so many loved ones. ♥  Also on our trip we went to playgrounds and restaurants, cheep kids movie at the theater, Zoo, bike ride, Lava Hot Springs/Water Park, Riot Zone, and the Art Show.  We visited with family and played games in the evenings.  And we pigged out on good food and cool treats.  After spending 6 weeks losing almost 15 lbs, I gained 3 back the first couple of days there!  Thank goodness I reined things in (cutting the soda back out was the key, I think) and came home none the worse. ;-)  Anyway, it was SUPER to see everyone!

Arriving home was busy.  We had several appointments to get to the first several days, including Brennan's surgery 3 days home.  He had ear tubes put in again, PLUS an adenoidectomy.  (With our camera left in Idaho :-( the pictures were taken on Brian's phone, so I'll post some when I get 'em.)  Reaching the adenoids is done through the mouth, (they're located behind the tonsils) so we were warned that Brennan would probably experience a sore throat and may need a soft foods diet for up to a week.  So I was prepared.  I bought all sorts of soft goodies for Brennan, and won him over with talk of getting out of chores and watching movies all day while he recovered.  Turns out this kid is an amazing rebounder.  Maybe it was the priesthood blessing.  All I know for sure is that he was skipping to the car as we left the hospital, and eating chips a couple hours later at the Company Picnic held the same evening.  His prescription Tylenol was never taken.  He only mentioned his throat being sore when he suspiciously wanted something like ice cream for breakfast.  Lol.  His snoring seems to have hugely dissipated, and I'm excited to note if he ceases to snort/sniff or breath with his mouth open all the time.  Yay!

Yesterday at church little Miss Hollyn was bested by her mischievousness.  As I often do, I let her out of the library to wander a little during the down time - up and down the stairs.  I've mentioned these stairs before - they make a raised hallway with several classrooms on one side and the stage on the other.  Usually the door leading onto the stage is closed, but yesterday I saw Hollyn enter it.  Fearing that she was interrupting Elder's Quorum who meet there, I went chasing after her.  I entered the stage to see, thankfully, it was still empty.  Except for Hollyn standing near the edge overlooking the great expanse of the gym.  I went towards her to get her, trying not to move too fast.  Hollyn turned and noticed me coming and, with a challenging gleam in her eye, immediately dropped onto her tummy and started backing towards the edge of the stage, trying to get down as she would a simple stair-step.  I ran towards her, crying "No Hollyn, NOOOO!"  But my lunging towards her only caused her to determinedly move even faster.  And I was too late.  She dropped over the edge and I barely missed grabbing her, arriving just in time to watch her landing on the hard gym floor.  She was NOT a happy girl.  I had to take her outside because she was crying so loud.  But, within a couple minutes the crying subsided and she fell asleep.  A nice sound sleep which allowed me to set her on the floor where she slept until the end of church.  She seems fine, except for a nice shiner on her cheek which we think may have occurred by her face hitting her knee during the landing.  Poor baby.  I read recently in my own baby book where my Mother mentioned me being strong-willed and that when I decided to wanted something no one got a moment's peace until I got what I wanted.  That must be where Hollyn gets it from.  Because if she knows she isn't supposed to have or do something, then she wants it real bad.  I already have to use reverse psychology with her to avoid a fight.  Oh man are we in trouble when she's a teenager!

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Kelly said...

Sounds like such a great trip to Idaho. I'm glad Brennan's surgery went so wonderfully. And, congrats on the 15lbs...that's awesome.