Thursday, January 27, 2011

So Cute!

About, oh I don't know, 9 months ago or so, Asher was clearly ready to move out of his crib, but the bunk bed was without a ladder, so I "temporarily" put Asher in the bottom bed with Brennan. It was just a test for a night or two, but 9 months later we still don't have a ladder and I'm honestly not in any hurry. Not only do the boys share the bed really quite well together, but even if I did move Brennan to the top I have no idea where I'd put all the stuff I'm currently storing up there ;-)

They sleep with their heads at opposite ends and almost always leave each other alone. They don't even play and giggle too much, certainly not any more than they would with separate beds. Anyway, last night I went it to peak on them before I shut their door the rest of the way, and this is what I saw...

I know, that's some flash huh, looking like the middle of the day instead of almost pitch black like it was. Anyway, how did this happen with Asher using Brennan's legs as a pillow? There's no way Brennan would have allowed this to happen if he'd been awake to be aware of it. But Asher had gone to bed much earlier than Brennan and was sound asleep on his own side when Brennan came in. I don't know what went down exactly, but it was pretty cute to see. :-)