Thursday, January 27, 2011

Interesting Day So Far

So, a memorable OB visit is always around 28 weeks when you take the dreaded glucose test. In my case, it's also the visit of the RhoGAM shot, which is a whopper even for a shot, so I was not looking particularly forward to this appointment.

Corvallis has two main Dr's offices: The Clinic where you see a different Dr. every time, and my place which is a group of about 6 or so Drs and you see your own physician each time. At the Clinic, the glucose test is a much bigger deal. You arrive, drink the syrup there, wait for an hour, and get a blood test - and I think there's even an initial blood test before you drink. At my place, you drink the stuff at home and get a finger prick an hour later at your visit. As far as I'm concerned, that's a HUGE difference and a reason for me never to switch offices.

So, today being test day, I got up early just for the drink... but it didn't go over well. I threw it up when I was almost done. At my visit later my Dr told me that at my next visit rather than drinking the juice, they'll do a finger prick an hour after a meal. A "nice, full meal." What the what?!? That's AWESOME!!! Instead of the gross, tummy-upsetting drink, I get to totally pig out on whatever I want? Why on earth don't they do this every time, at least as the initial test and only do the other kind if they're concerned about the results?

I still got the RhoGAM shot though, which left me sore and tingly for a while now. :-(

To make the day even more interesting, Brian had to take over watching Peyton (and Brennan) during mine and Asher's back-to-back appointments despite having a TON of work to do. And the visit went so long, so I just barely had time when I walked in the door to have Brennan throw on some clothes so I could take him to school. In the mean time, Peyton was resisting her nap and Brian was watching his precious work-time slip away. All's settled down now though... whew!


Kelly said...

I have never thrown up that junk, but I've come awfully close. Bummer. Make sure your "nice, full meal" includes a couple of snickers bars. ;-) My lab tech (I have to do mine at the lab) told me that if the juice doesn't go down well then they do snickers bars instead. I'm with you. Why not just start with the good stuff!???

Kirk and Cami Hull said...

You still going to Dr. Rampton? I miss that office. I didn't even have to do the blood glucose test for Ben!

Trevor & Kirsten said...

Now I'm scared for when I have to do that! Doesn't sound very pleasant