Saturday, January 22, 2011

He’s All Fixed!

It’s been a very busy week.  Asher’s birthday was on Wednesday, and since Brian works until about 1:30am Wendesday nights, we celebrated the following day.  It was so nice to have my family over for the festivities.  Brian took any/all pictures on a different camera, so I’ll post stuff about it later.

After Asher’s party, he and I headed over to my parents house to spend the night, and at 6am I slipped out to get Brian and Brennan.  Yesterday was Brennan’s long awaited ear tube placement surgery.  Brian and I had gotten Brennan not just prepared, but actually excited about the whole ordeal and we couldn’t have asked him to be a bigger champ.  He was pleased to find some little toys/stickers for him, and all the nurses spent a while chatting with him and helping him feel comfortable around them before they wheeled him away from Brian and me.




We were told he would be brought back, probably crying, a little while after most of the anesthesia had worn off.  Brennan’s a crier anyway, so I was so surprised that he WASN’T crying when he got back.  He did get grumpy as also predicted, mostly about wanting the bed railing down and wanting to leave.  As soon as he got the go-ahead to go, he perked right up, excitedly got dressed, and waved to everybody on his way out.


We were told the procedure was simple, and he would have instantaneous full hearing.  Since we wasn’t exactly deaf or anything before hand, it was not terribly obvious to me if there was a difference, but he’s made a couple comments since his surgery.  Twice yesterday when our heaters went off, he asked me what that sound was, and today after Asher commented about hearing an airplane outside, Brennan said, “I did never know we could hear airplanes inside our house with no windows open!”

We’re so excited that Brennan has full hearing now.  Not only is it much safer for him (I watched him get honked at once in our parking lot because he had no idea there was a car a couple yards behind him waiting for him to move), but it will ease a lot of frustration for those who associate with him.  I’m also thankful that all went smoothly, and Brennan has felt basically no pain from the experience.  He was back to his old self within hours without so much as a dose of Tylenol.  It was just an exciting experience for him that he will remember more or less positively.


Bonnie-Jean: Our Army Life said...

I'm glad he can hear better, what a marvel modern medicine is. Small miracles like this happen every day. I'm sure grateful for the technology that allows for these small blessings to be possible! :)

Trevor & Kirsten said...

I'm glad everything went alright! Good thing he can hear now too!

Kelly said...

Yay for Brennan! What a trooper!