Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chirp Chirp

The "nesting" bug seems to have kicked in. In between my reading frenzy, watching Peyton, general house keep (and catch)-up, and chauffeuring Brennan to his new activities I've started rearranging, purging, and organizing as well. It's a lot different than last time - with only a 2-year-old Brennan, there was much less to have to go through, and there was already room for baby. This time, oh my goodness, I wish we could just move and start from scratch! Long before getting pregnant I had no idea how to fit another baby into this house, and now that the time draws nearer (10 weeks as of today) it's time to give that some real consideration.

Anyway, I love rearranging, and I'm enjoying the purging and the release that that brings. However, all this activity has been KILLING my back! When I was pregnant with Brennan I developed this lower back pain that has never gone away, manifesting itself as a paralyzing pain when I stand up from certain sitting positions. When I'm pregnant, it's worse, although as usual goes away a minute or so after rising. The last few days it's becoming near-constant though, and even getting out of bed is the struggle of my life. I've tried doing stretches and light exercises, but that also seems to make it worse. So, let's see... a pain that is made worse by stretching, exercising, and resting. Hmmm. What is one supposed to do it that situation?


Ryan & Janna said...

I read your blog all the time and had no idea until the last few post that you were even expecting. How the heck did I miss this!?!

Ryan & Janna said...

Oh and I am really excited for you!