Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Brennan's First Prayer

Tonight Brennan said his prayer all by himself for the first time. He's of yet been quite content to follow someone's lead and we haven't been able to get him to go on his own. Lately he has started off himself, but tonight he kept going. I thought it was so cute I wanted to record it for future smiles. Here's how it went:

... "Thank you for this food" (this was a bedtime prayer, not a meal one) "Thank you for playing with the toys; thank you for juice; thank you for legos; thank you for cars and trucks" (his toys).

This is where I stepped in to help finish it off because I couldn't spend all night appreciating everything in his bedroom. He's so funny. I love Brennan!


Sarah said...

That is soo cute! Anna still just copies us for prayers, but sometimes she will add something like "thank for princess" (cinderella) right in the middle, kids are great!

Beckstead Family said...

That is awesome!!! It ook John FOREVER to say his prayers on his own. Justin has started to really like saying prayers, (now that he can talk)so at mealtimes he says thank you for everything on the table individually and at night it's thanks for duckies and bless Uncle Bob. It always warms my heart to listen to kids pray. They are so sincere.

Kelly said...

How darling! Another milestone reached! I'm just sorry we missed it!