Thursday, February 14, 2008

My friend Kristy had this on her blog, with a notice that if you're reading it, you've been tagged, so I guess I'm allowed to copy this idea.
How long have you been together? Our dating anniversary is September 23, 2002, so that makes it about 5 1/2 years now.

How old is he? 27... going on 30 (he he he)

Who eats more? Brian eats more at one sitting, but comunitively Heather probably eats more. I'm a grazer at home all day, potent combination.

Who said "I love you" first? Brian did, the night before I left for home at the end of the semester. The next morning he gave me a love letter which I read while driving (oops) out of Rexburg, in the snow (double oops). Can you believe I was leaving my boyfriend for the summer right after hearing those words from him for the first time?!? I had quite a drive home, lost in my thoughts.

Who is taller? Brian, by about 5 inches. I think it's a great height difference.

Who sings better? According to me, Brian. I know music enough to be on key, so I'm not bad, but I don't have a naturally wonderful vioce quality. Brian I think sounds wonderful, but most people would never know it because he's too shy to let himself be heard.

Who is smarter? Me, for sure. Just kidding. Hmmm, when Brian and I were dating we played battle of the sexes and I was totally embarrassed because I didn't know the answers for either side, and Brian knew them for both. He tries to make me feel better by admitting that he's really smart... in the area of useless trivia. I'd say I know more in my areas of study (psychology, sociology, history) and the proper way to fold towels (inside joke) whilst Brian knows a lot more when it comes to church doctrine, computers, stereotypical "man" things, etc.

Who does the laundry? Both. I usually wash and fold, while Brian puts away/hangs up. However if I'm busy or just haven't done it, Brian does the washing and folding quite often. He also does all the ironing. I caught myself a good man, eh?

Who does the dishes? Both. A lot of times we divide between getting Brennan ready for bed and doing the dishes, we usually pick based on what we think the other person's preference is. (Ex: I've had too much Brennan for one day, I'd rather do the dishes)

What is your love song? When we were dating Brian emailed me the lyrics to Daniel Beddingfield's (sp?) "If You're Not the One" and told me that the song made him think of me. I think that's the closest thing we've got to a particular song, though Brian's made me a few love-song CDs before.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? We switch. Sometimes I want to be closer to the door like when we have a young child who gets me out of bed at night. Other times I just decide to switch for the fun of it. Variety is the spice of life.

Who pays the bills? Heather. When we were engaged we decided that. Brian knows that if he knew our finacial situation it would greatly stress him out. He'd rather now know the details. Because I handle the stress better, I'm the one chosen to pay the bills and therefore worry about our finances. (No sense in both of us worrying. One is enough)

Who mows the lawn? Gardeners. The complex's. When we have a lawn to mow, it will be Brian. He looks forward to it, although I've mowed at my parents house and don't mind it myself. It's good exercise.

Who cooks dinner? Both. Brian does it either by my request or his own offer. He enjoys cooking and is really good at making up his own stuff with things we've got. I'm a "by-the-book" cook. However, since Brian works 5 nights a week, by default I cook more often.

Who is more stubborn? Me. Although I don't think I'm as stubborn as I've been accused of before. (It's a handy label to throw at someone who doesn't agree with you, that's my theory) Brian can be stubborn about things he's passionate about, especially when it comes to politics or something. We're both pretty compromising though. I don't think either of us is stubborn to a fault.

Who kissed who first? Brian kissed me first. He asked, and was granted permission the 2nd time. = ) However, if I'd known he meant just a 1/2 second peck I wouldn't have drawn it out. I thought he meant a kiss. I still tease him about it, he was so shy and cautious... which is good.

Who asked who out? Hmmm. I asked Brian to take me to the grocery store first. Then Brian invited me to sit with him at devotional. Then he asked me on a date but before it took place I took him on a group date. We never know which of the first 3 to call our "first date." Depending on which one it was determines who asked who first.

Who proposed? Brian, on the beach in Oregon. He'd come out to meet my family. He met them and asked my Dad for my hand in marriage in the same day, and proposed the next day. I didn't know it was coming that day because we'd never looked at rings together. Little did I know that Brian got the nerve to pick out a ring on his own, undiscussed, ever! I'm so proud of him! I love knowing that he knew me well enough to find a ring that I'd love.
Who is more sensitive? Heather, I imagine. Especially when pregnant. Commercials, songs, whatever, can make me cry when those hormones are loose.

Who has more friends? Probably Heather. She has some advantages such as living in her home town, and a girls more natural initiative to attempt to stay in contact with old friends. Also, Brian's shyness keeps him from trying to join into existing cliques. However, Brian is the kind of person that people like. His coworkers really like him.

Who has more siblings? Heather- 4 sisters vs. Brian with 3 brothers.

Who wears the pants in the relationship? We like to joke that I'm dominating or the boss in the family, but really I think we're a good team. We take turns wearing the pants when they're worn at all.

Who gives more hugs? Kisses? Brian, at least when it comes to kisses. He always kisses me when I'm in the middle of something and/or in thought. We even joke that he's not supposed to kiss me when I'm in the kitchen. (You know, when you're in the kitchen you're holding things and timing things in your head and what-not) He risks it and kisses me anyway. I tell him that I know that the day he stops taking that risk is the day I'll really be bothered. When it comes to hugs, even I think. Brian's a snuggler, but I initiate a lot of hugs.

I guess that's it. Happy Valentine's Day everyone.


Sarah said...

I loved reading this, it brought back such fun memories!

Kristy said...

Hez, I love the new look! I love being able to take the credit for this post because it was awesome! You guys make such a great team. (Not to mention beautiful children ;) It is so fun to read about your friends' love stories; especially yours because Brian is so mysterious to me. And the fact he's not allowed to kiss you in the kitchen CRACKED ME UP! This was such a treat - thanks!

Hez said...

I can tell when Brian's thinking about kissing me in the kitchen. I'll notice him standing nearby watching me with a little mischief in his eyes. Those wheels are turning, debating whether or not to do it and waiting for the right moment.