Monday, March 3, 2008

7 Interesting Things

On her blog, Angie "tagged" me to tell 7 interesting things about myself. This is harder than it sounds... at least to me. Let's see...
  1. I have a scar on my eyeball from hay fever. It's a permanent red area.
  2. A dream of mine has always been to play my french horn for broadway and/or a movie.
  3. I like to hide in the closet or different locations and scare Brian. Sometimes he knows I'm hiding, sometimes not. Either way, you should see the look on his face when I jump out!
  4. I've taken a total of 6 years of french and can't remember hardly any.
  5. I won't let Brian look at or touch my right leg. I call it my "bad leg"
  6. My dream family consists of having 4 children and adopting 4 children.
  7. My friend and I played hooky one day in 4th grade and got away with it. That's right, we were 9! We planned it for about a week, scouting our the perfect hiding spot, assigning various snacks to bring, packing board games, getting notes in a devious fashion to excuse our absences, and even returning on different days so as to avoid suspicion. (My friend played sick the day afer)

Well, there's 7. To my blogger friends, TAG, YOU'RE IT!

1 comment:

Kelly said...

You are so naughty! I can't believe you played hooky as a nine year old! And didn't end up a juvenile delinquent!