Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day! Things are going pretty well for us. We've actually all been sick, with poor Asher bringing up the rear. Everyone had different symptoms which made things interesting. Brian had the sore throat and congestion, I developed a cough and sinus headache, and Brennan was sleeping a ton and throwing up. I was hoping Asher would miraculously be passed over by the germs, but no such luck. He developed congestion, a cough, and a hoarse throat that left him with a lost vioce yesterday. Ever heard a baby try to cry without a vioce? It was very sad. He seems better today. Gotten over the hump at least.

Brian started class again last Tuesday. Just as we developed our routine with him at home and available during the day, time to rework it. I need to get used to leaving him alone and taking care of both kids on my own. Yikes! I'm so glad he's home at least (does his schoolwork in our bedroom upstairs) which means I can call upon him if needed.

I took Brennan and Asher to the Indoor park's Valentine's Day party. I think that this was the first outing I've done with them alone come to think of it. It was a good one to start on because I could let Brennan run around the gym (where the "park" is located) and he can play with everything without running off or getting into things he's not supposed to. Because today was the party there were different stations set up. Brennan decorated his own sugar cookie and played with play-dough and did the cake walk among other activities. We had a good time.

Anyway, as I said, things are good. We're getting used to life's new challenges and enjoying it too.

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