Wednesday, March 22, 2017

NOT about our Arizona Trip. (Whew!)

We love us some free cones at Dairy Queen! I must have put it in my calendar last year, because it was sitting there on March 14. Quick Goggle search later, I got the 2017 date. Definitely going to have a yearly reminder to look it up.

Last Sunday was sunny so we hopped on our bikes again and made a pit-stop at the park. Hollyn was into the climbing wall a bit and approached me with pride for having climbed kind of high, on the straighter side. She said, "But I didn't go to the top, I can't do that." In my mind I was thinking about her small size and the tricky curve of the wall and ALMOST said, "Yeah, that's probably too hard for you." or something validating like that. Instead, what came out of my mouth was, "Really? Why not?" She thought for a second. I saw the little light-bulb above her head light up. She ran back to the wall and seconds later, was conquering the top!

The kids built "Grand Central Fort" in the living room I got the tour inside were they each had roomy bedrooms. Every year coincidentally just before St. Patrick's Day I clean out under the couch cushions. The rest of the year I pretend there isn't a problem there, and the cushions must stay in place to hide it. ;-) But when those leprechauns come through and move the cushions, it ignites fort ideas with the kids. So basically, I had nowhere to set for several days after the holiday.

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