Sunday, March 5, 2017

Arizona Trip Day 3 - a

Thursday morning we reached the Grand Canyon National Park. We pulled into the parking lot and BAM, right there was this "Javelina/Collared Peccary". (We thought it was a warthog at first.) Brennan jumped out the car and careful took some photos. To my knowledge, no one else around even noticed it, they were so focused on looking at where to park.

After looking for some additional warmth (like hats) in the store, we walked down the path to see the sights.

Kieran was, in hindsight, probably not feeling well. But he was miserable unless I was holding him, which made me a little miserable because he's kind of heavy and me in a jacket trying to carry him in a jacket is not the easiest thing. He was never satisfied with the WAY I was holding him either. I will never take a three-year-old to the Grand Canyon again!

Yeah, it was a little windy that day.

I could put him down at the viewpoint, thankfully. But he wouldn't stay with me. He has his own mind, this one.

It was a pretty cool place though. I would like to visit again with older kids and nicer weather and do some hiking or other activities.

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