Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Arizona Trip Coming Home

This one gets sleepy on the plane.

Kieran is not my favorite airplane buddy. He wasn't bad really, no tantrums or anything, but he does not stop wiggling, unbuckling, talking (too loudly), or listen to me. Same problem at church and anywhere we go, really. There are no rewards or threats that will get this kid just sit still and/or stop making noise and/or do as he's asked. Sigh.

Before heading home we stopped at Ikea which made for a nice place to eat lunch, it turns out. Did you know Ikea does kids meals BOGO free on Tuesdays? Talk about an unexpected but welcome surprise. :-)

I learned something about Asher there. He loves lettuce. Not salad with dressing, just regular old lettuce. As in, he ASKED Hollyn for the lettuce came on her plate with her meal. Weirdo.

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