Thursday, August 29, 2013

And Inhale...

She was having a little trouble getting the shirt on correctly this time. Lol.
Each morning I have the pleasure of being surprised by what I see when I open her door.  With potty training getting more serious I now keep a little potty chair in her room.  Hollyn uses it every morning and nap time.  The good news is that I don't have to change messy diapers anymore. But it also opened the window of opportunity for her.  She's always either naked or wearing her own unique creation, and unloads her entire dresser every day in the process.  So much fun.  Or something.

 Kieran LOVES his brother Brenny!  And the feeling is mutual.  Brennan is that sweet kid who plays with babies - any and all of 'em.  Today Kieran did his 2nd laughing-type sound, the first time being a couple of weeks ago.  And both times was when Brennan was playing with him.

 Totally rockin' that black eye.  It's almost gone now, actually.  Aah, the hazards of trying to keep up with bigger brothers.

Don't you just love his one dimple?

Just some Hollyn footage.  In the first clip, you get to see a rare face of hers.  I hardly ever get to see it.  Definitely not several times a day, that's for darn tootin'. ;-)  The second clip shows, near the end, an interesting thing she's been doing lately - talking while breathing in.  When we read to her, for example, she likes to repeat everything.  And lately she's been doing all her repeats in that voice.  She does it throughout the day with regular talking as well.  I think it's usually split - the first half of a sentence regular, then finishes while inhaling.  Weirdo.

This one's of Kieran.  Probably a little long to anyone else since it's just watching him lay on the floor.  But hey, you don't have to watch it.  It's mainly for my enjoyment anyway :-)

Sad experience with poor baby K today though.  I was letting him sleep on the bed like I usually do, and somehow he pushed himself head first right off.  And even worse, I heard the thump, but didn't hear any crying so I figured it must have been something else and finished what I was doing and didn't hear him for another 10 minutes!  When I went to him, I found him on his tummy with his head partially under the bed and a foot caught in a backpack strap.  Ooooooh, my baby!  He wasn't a bit injured - not even a red spot - but he didn't like the experience.  As soon as I picked him up and brought him to my chest he immediately stopped crying, with a deep breath of relief.  He didn't even whimper or anything as I held him.  I could *feel* his comfort of being held like it was tangible.  I feel just awful about it happening though. #momguilt :-(

I guess I should say something about Asher since I commented about everyone else.  Asher is excited to begin kindergarten in a few weeks.  Brennan (1st grade+) starts on Wednesday, but kindergarten starts later.  I don't really know when.  I guess I'll have to dig out the ol' info papers at some point.  Ugh.  I don't really want school to start.  I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine - the summer one is very loose - but c'mon, summer break is SWEEEEET, right?  It's always sad when summer ends and I realize we didn't really take advantage of those activities that can only really be done during summer.  Sigh.  Anyway, Asher is good. :-)

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Kelly said...

I recognize those jammies of Hollyn's!

Cute kids. They are growing so fast!

PS - what is 1st grade+?