Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Seize the Day

We had two clocks break on us within a couple weeks, and I finally got around to replacing them.  In one case I decided to just get a digital clock, and ended up doing some bedroom clock rotating.  Since Brian and I never use the CD player in the clock in our room, I donated it to the boys' room.  They (particularly Brennan) were quite ecstatic.  Brennan wanted something to play right away, so I browsed our stash and saw Newsies as an option.  Brennan has always liked the music, even though he doesn't appreciate the movie itself so much.  Anyway, this was like a week ago.  I now hear Newsies blaring through my house any time Brennan is home - including as they fall asleep.  Thankfully I love the movie (it's my favorite, actually) and the music enough to be enjoying this.  And Brennan is spending so much more time playing in his room all of a sudden. :-)

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Judi Stevenson said...

I love Newsies, too... I really need to get a copy of that movie :)