Thursday, May 16, 2013

Lucky number 7

Almost 3cm down, only 7 to go! :-)  This was at a 36.5week check yesterday.  Soooo, today I put some time into baby prep.  I know that I always dilate a little around this time, then it stays the same for the remaining weeks until labor actually starts.  But this time I feel frequent contractions and other pre-labor symptoms.  And the dilation is a little more than the others were at this point.  I started feeling uncomfortable contractions around 20 weeks it seems, which has really thrown me. I dunno, but this pregnancy seems to have progressed more and earlier than the other ones.  So I'm not expecting to go late.  In fact, my Dr. mentioned the possibility of being able to induce once I hit 39 weeks.  There are advantages to that, including the easier arrangement of childcare for the other kids, and the increased likelihood of getting an epidural.  I didn't get one with Asher because the labor was only 2 hours total.  It was time to push literally as soon as I checked in to the hospital.  But yeah, just a few weeks left.  I have a LOT of girls camp planning to squeeze in now!

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Devon Parmenter said...

I don't have a problem taking Hollyn and James to the park if you want some time at home to be productive.