Thursday, May 9, 2013


Cousin lovin’


Brennan’s left some messages around the house.  He left one in the shower using Hollyn’s tub crayons.  Another day he wrote a quick message on a paper for me. ♥
“Have fun – do not erase”
“Love is with you”

The pregnancy is going well.  I have officially less than a month until my due date – the latest estimated due date!  Wow.  So much to do.  Still no name decided.  Haven’t made any arrangements for childcare when I go into labor.  I DO have a carseat, but no stroller that will work for a newborn, nor does my baby carrier work without an insert.  I have some clothes, but they’ve been stashed and aren’t organized.  I don’t even know how many and what type of outfits are here for him.  I have his little bed, but need to rearrange my room to make the space for it.  Pump has been hidden away who knows where.  I may need a new one anyway.  Either way, ALL my kids had nursing problems and received supplements in the first few days of life.  I really need to be prepared for that occurrence.  *sigh*  Poor kid is already being totally neglected by the needs of the other kids – kindergarten registration, Brennan’s baptism, I’m supposed to be planning Girls Camp (it’s kinda my calling, after all), and falling behind on that because there is just too much going on!  Things will work out…. right?

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Kelly said...

How cute you look!

I know today is a big day in your family. Congrats to Brennan! I hope it's fantastic!