Monday, February 4, 2013

The Midnight Strangler

Last night I was lying in bed sound asleep.  At some point I became aware that Brian's arm had landed on me, but I figured he'd move it eventually and continued my sleep.  A little later Brian began some jerking movements, but again I ignored him as this isn't terribly uncommon for him to do for a while.  It's often associated with some talking/mumbling in his sleep, but I was in a deep sleep of my own and only aware in the background of my mind what was going on.

Then all of a sudden... Brian sits partially up, swooping towards me as his other arm reaches over me.  With both hands seemingly coming towards my neck or face, and his face quickly approaching mine, I thought "He's either coming in for a passionate kiss in the middle of the night, or he's about to strangle me!"  Either one sounded equally probable ;-)  In surprise I jumped and gasped.  At that, Brian suddenly dropped, his head thumping onto my chest as if he'd passed out.  I waited, holding my breath.  The seconds passed, and I wondered if he really had fainted.  I slowly and shakily let out my breath.  This roused Brian to the point that he pulled up his head, whispered, "Sorry" as he rolled over, and immediately began snoring.

I laid in bed for the next hour or two in awe over what had transpired in a few short seconds.

Later this morning I told Brian what happened from my side of the story.  I figured he wouldn't remember a thing. (He NEVER remembers dreams.)  But this time he blushed and told me he was dreaming he was wrestling a guy.  At the point of my "attack" Brian had been going for a final choke-hold.

Ummmm... should I get my own bed at this point?


Kelly Richardson said...

Hilarious story! Maybe not your own bed...just a baseball bat within reach if you need to wake him up in a hurry. Sounds like an intense dream!

Joshua Richardson said...

Awesome! I mean, sorry he attacked you and freaked you out and stuff. But a wrestling dream where you're gonna choke the guy out! Sweet! But, again, sorry about the attack. I would buy one of those nerf-coated bats. And I would use it randomly just so he figures out he shouldn't attack you while asleep.