Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Perhaps nesting has started.  (Hurray!  Brian's been waiting for this!)  All I know is I've taken on some impromptu projects this week.  On Monday I walked into Hollyn's room -  and I use that term loosely because other than her mini crib and dresser, that room has been PACKED with junk that has nothing to do with her.  It was a extra room before her, and all I did was squeeze her into it after she came.  Oh, a couple of times (literally) I went in there and straightened up a little since she's been born.  But I mostly just tidied piles.  As mentioned before I was keeping the bags of her outgrown clothes around, firstly to catch stragglers and because babies/toddlers grows so fast.  And then I wasn't sure if I should store them at my house or take them to Mom's for the next girl baby in the family.

Anyway, I walked into her room on Monday and thought.  Just do it.  Say goodbye to the clothes and get them outa here!  So I did.  Then, since that opened a nice chunk of space in the room, I kept going.  I was moving furniture and rearranging.  I threw non-room stuff into the hallway creating a large pile out there I had to deal with.  I vacuumed!  It seriously went from something straight out of "Hoarders: Buried Alive" to an actual room!

So that was unexpected, but nice.  The next day (yesterday) Brennan thought he felt sick and ended up staying home.  But it became clear he was fine.  Woke up with a dry throat, maybe sore, but ultimately felt fine shortly after.  But I didn't feel like taking him to school for the last half. (heh heh).  Anyway, on another whim I asked him what he thought about moving the toys currently in the downstairs half-height closet back into his and Asher's room.  Every year I switch them up again, rotating between that closet, their bedroom walk-in-closet, and their main room.  Nothing seems to help the toys from ending up on the opposite floor they belong on though.  But currently they seem to be taking more and more into their room than into the living room.  Anyway, Brennan thought that sounded fine, so I had us get right on it.  If he had known how much work it is, I'm sure he never would have agreed.  Their room was already a disaster zone to start with, so lugging stuff back and forth wasn't easy. But he and Asher were good sports for Mom's sudden project.  It also included moving Hollyn's/baby toys into her room.  Which meant I had to figure out how to split the available storage/shelving.  Whew!

Today I've done some more of the toy organizing, particularly Hollyn's which hasn't previously been organized very well at all.  And consequently she doesn't usually play with her toys much.  (Even on the rare occasions she could get to them within the toy closet.)  She and Asher and I hung out for quite some time in her room today, getting re-aquainted with her toys, (me) looking at the floor that I haven't hardly seen the last 21 months.  Feeling some natural light (since she only slept in there previously there hasn't been a reason to open the curtain.)  Now on to the rest of the house.  Good thing this baby isn't due for another 4 months.  At this project-a-day rate, I may just get to every space. ;-)

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