Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Some Thoughts

I was recently reading in the scriptures (specifically 2 Nephi 13/Isaiah 3) about some signs and happenings that will be/are made manifest in the "last days".  There of course many of these signs that we recognize in our lives today.  This verse caught my attention as one of those, "Truer words were never spoken" things.

And the people shall be oppressed, every one by another, and every one by his neighbour: the child shall behave himself proudly against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.
Isaiah 3:5

The last half is definitely a "Yes! Yes! Yes!"  But the first sentence has remained in my mind even now, several weeks later.  I don't generally consider myself as someone living in conditions of "oppression".  Not like so many egregious examples throughout history.  But I considered the idea of neighbors oppressing each other.  One of my first thoughts upon reading that was, "like the bag ban that a minority managed to get passed in Corvallis recently".  It's things like this that are becoming more and more common.  Rather than a Monarch oppressing us, we the PEOPLE are oppressing ourselves and our neighbors.  Lobbyists are certainly a big way.  All of our bureaucracies creating rules and red tape and minding everybody else's business - but these bureaucracies are created by some sort of demand, whether the group demanding is a clear majority or not so much.  Our government leaders are continually finding ways to oppress us further and further, but we're ELECTING these leaders.  So it's sad.  It's hard to watch our freedoms pass away.  Even the seemingly "no big deal" things, like city rules enacted limiting the height one's lawn can be or the colors they may paint their house.  Or how often someone may hold a yard sale at their home.  Doesn't this sound EXACTLY like people being oppressed, "...every one by his neighbour..."?  Being around for these last days has it's advantages, but at the same time it's hard to watch it all go down.

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Kelly said...

That's really interesting. I think you're right!

The other day we were reading about the people of Limhi and how the Lord lightened their burdens that the Lamanites put on them, and how they were able to have enough for their needs. At our stake conference, one of our broadcast speakers talked about one of the goals of Zion being to "have no poor among you", which can be interpreted as being poor in spirit or temporally poor. We should work to alleviate both types of "poorness".
As we read those verses about Limhi and his people, I was thinking that the Lord blessed them in both ways...and it occurred to me that it's possible that with righteous living, we could see this promise enacted in our day. So even if, as you said, we become oppressed because of heavy taxation and other things, if we are righteous, the Lord can bless us individually AND as a group to be able to bear the burdens that are thrust upon us.

Good thoughts! Thanks for sharing!